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Posted: May 3rd, 2013

The Pittsburgh-based Giant Eagle grocery chain, which has five locations in the Erie area, is offering a quicker pathway to a free tank of gas as the summer driving season approaches.

Effective today, participating locations, including stores in Erie, Meadville, Franklin and Oil City, will temporarily double the benefits of its Fuel Perks rewards program.

Advantage Card holders, who typically receive a 10-cent discount for gas at GetGo service stations for every $50 they spend on groceries, gift cards or pharmacy purchases, will see those rewards double to 20 cents through May 29.

The offer, along with other incentives, “demonstrate commitment to delivering value to area customers,” said Rob Borella, the company’s director of corporate communications.

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Posted: June 9th, 2011

Local gas prices are falling again.
Regular gasoline is selling in Erie today for as low as $3.68 a gallon, a decline in many cases from a recent price of $3.74 a gallon.
Erie’s price, however, remains 16 cents a gallon higher than the prevailing price in Meadville, where gasoline continues to sell for $3.52 a gallon.
Today’s price, however, is down significantly from a month ago, when gas was selling in Erie for $3.98, according to the AAA Fuel Gauge report.
That same report illustrates the stark increase we’ve seen in prices. At this time a year ago, gasoline was selling for $2.66 a gallon.

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Posted: May 18th, 2011

Gas prices tumbled by as much as a dime today at a number of area service stations.
Country Fair locations on West Ridge Road, West Eighth Street and Peach Street at West Gore Road were among those to drop prices today to $3.899 a gallon for regular gasoline.
Gas prices are falling away from the $4-mark at the same time oil prices are on the rise. Encouraged by a weaker dollar, investors were buying a range of commodities today, including oil, which settled above $100 a barrel for the first time in a week, according to an Associated Press report.
The AAA Fuel Gauge report, which shows gas in the Erie area at $3.989 a gallon, notes that gasoline was selling at this time a year ago for $2.90 a gallon.

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Posted: April 29th, 2011

Just one-tenth of a cent now separates local motorists from the dreaded $4-a-gallon threshold for gasoline.
As of this morning, most Erie-area service stations are now charging $3.999 a gallon for regular gasoline. The story was the same in Crawford County, where prices climbed 3 cents in the past day.
Going west won’t provide any relief. In a turnabout from past practice, many Ohio service stations are charging more than their Pennsylvania counterparts.
Regular gasoline was selling this morning for $4.099 at Clark Oil on Route 20 in Conneaut, Ohio. In the Youngstown market, prices reached as high as $4.159.
A year ago at this time, gasoline in Erie was selling for an average of $2.942, according to the AAA Fuel Gauge Report.
That same report shows the gas price in Erie is about a dime higher than the national average of $3.90 a gallon.

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Posted: December 24th, 2009

If you’re taking a car trip over the holidays, it will cost you less this year than it did just a few weeks ago. At least a little less.
AAA’s Fuel Gauge reports that the average price of unleaded regular in Erie has fallen to $2.596. That’s down from the $2.644 gas had been selling for locally.
Prices, however, are up compared to this week in 2008, when gas sold for an average of $1.753.

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