Tell us your favorite president, just for fun

   February 17, 2012 11:49 am    6


Monday is Presidents Day, even though the federal government never officially changed the name from George Washington’s Birthday.

Still, it’s a good time to consider: Who was your favorite president and why?

Post your comments. Consider it your patriotic duty. OK, maybe not, but we’d still like to hear from you.

— John Guerriero



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6 Responses to “Tell us your favorite president, just for fun”

  1. Bkemp says:

    Woodrow Wilson- he was like the pre-Obama.

  2. jerry laughlin says:

    Ronald Reagan…

  3. robert keever says:

    My favorite president is William Henry Harrison. If every president did what Henry did everyone in the United States would be better off today.

  4. Michael says:

    George Washington. He led the country during its infancy and its most difficult time in history. He was the most critical leader our country had both politically and militarily. He brought the country together and defeated the greatest military power of his time and had the honor and humility to walk away from the presidency after serving his terms. Even King George was amazed a man in Washingtons position would simply give up his power. Do you think the president/politicians would walk away from power if they didnt have to today? Washington did it for honor and country, today it’s about money and power…such a shame.

  5. Debra A. DeBoe says:

    Abraham Lincoln… He freed the slaves.. As we are now referred to as African American.. Second Barack Obama.. Bill Clinton… John F. Kennedy.. I could go on and on..

  6. Jack says:

    FDR. He steered us out of the Great Depression, led us through the World War II, got Social Security passed, appointed the first female cabinet secretary, and on almost every policy front laid the groundwork for modern America.

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