Will you read Arlen Specter’s memoir?

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We got an advance copy here at the Erie Times-News and GoErie.com of former U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter’s memoir, “Life Among the  Cannibals.”

Thomas Dunne Books sent it along.

The former senior senator from Pennsylvania’s book has plenty of references to his home state and to the state’s politicians, including Sen. Bob Casey, former Governors Ed Rendell, Robert Casey Sr., and Dick Thornburgh, and former Congressman Phil English of Erie.

The book goes on sale March 27. So, my question is this: Do you plan to read or ignore Specter’s book?

— John  Guerriero



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  1. nICK PALUN says:


  2. Rishi says:

    Two mdtareoe California Republicans just got beat in California.Looks like a lot of not so mdtareoe Republicans got elected country wide.Ordinary conservatives complain that Conservatives win the elections but the ordinaries always lose on the issues. Of course, they vote for the candidate they think can win- not the one who will carry the issue.The 1994 Republican sweep lasted untill 2006 That was before the recession set in. The 1994 Republicans and those who followed ran as conservatives but then sold out to business lobbys. Why it took to 2006 for the conservatines and the public to find that out I do not know.

  3. Auth says:

    I’ve read the Bible. The whole thing.And I do not recall einseg a significant verse that would support the anti-health-care-reform side. I do remember in Proverbs being wise counsel against owing debt, and that could be interpreted that. But for every one of those verses I can think of, I can think of 20 that support the other side.So please. If you know of a Bible verse that more directly reflects the anti-reform sentiment, please divulge. So far, not a single person has come forward.

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