Dahlkemper statement on County Exec race

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Here is former U.S. Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper’s statement confirming that she will seek the Democratic nomination for Erie County executive and challenge incumbent Barry Grossman in the May 21 primary:

I would like to confirm and clarify my plans. I intend to run for Erie County Executive this year. I have spent recent months pursuing various options, including a run for PA Governor. I have decided that serving the people of northwest Pennsylvania as County Executive affords me the greatest opportunity to help advance the region I love so much.

I am currently traveling on an educational trip with my colleague from Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, Rev. Charles Brock.

I will be making an official announcement the week of March 4th.

Please direct any inquiries to my daughter, Gretchen Dahlkemper-Alfonso, until my return.

–Kevin Flowers



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  1. Joyce Ball says:

    If Dahlkemper is as accessible as County Executive as she was as a Congresswoman, beware. She immediately surrounds herself with “her people”. She held a session at the Transportation hub during her tenure. When we got there, there was one person in with her, one person ahead of us and no one else. We got in to see her, and she did not know anything about the issue that was presented to her. Reasonable, as one person cannot know everything. She promised to research the issue and get back to us. Prior to her getting to that point, one of her aides that wasn’t already in the room, came in and said to us that we must move along and couldn’t take any more of her valuable time. When we got out in the hallway, there was only one other person waiting to see her. Needless to say, a few weeks later we got a “form” letter thanking us for stopping in to meet with her and no answer whatsoever on the issue we asked her about. They seemed to think that taking our picture with her should have been exciting enough for us. Truth be told, we didn’t want to take the picture but thought it was rude to say no. Most of these positions in Congress and politics are 90% wasted money. I don’t agree with Barry Grossman’s handling of the prison and trying to protect his good ole boy warden so he makes sure he gets his pension. How stupid does he think we all are that the warden is “not responsible” for things that go on in his prison? Shame on him for that.

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