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Posted: February 23rd, 2012
Membership means free underwear

If you have a Sam’s Club or a Costco membership, you can request free Huggies underwear for your child or free mouth rinse.

Sam’s Club members can sign up for a sample of GoodNites underwear for a boy or a girl. The offer doesn’t say how many pairs you get. Have your Sam’s Club membership number handy and go to

Costco members request a free 36-ml (a little more than an ounce) bottle of Crest Pro-Health Multi-Protection Rinse. Have your Costco member ID ready and go to

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One Response to “Membership means free underwear”
  1. Danny Lucas says:

    Free underwear or not, this post brought back TWO underwear smiles to me this day.

    A doctor physical was coming up.
    Gotta get new underwear…a dreaded chore to be sure.
    I shop little and when I do, invariably, things are moved around.
    I was searching high and low. Finally, I located the department, and needed one pair of underwear, and an undershirt, but found you must buy 6 or so.
    Standing next to me, looking for underwear as intently, and perplexed as me….stood my doctor. Guess he was gonna get a physical too.

    When my daughter was less than two, she did as all children, and progressed from those expensive plastic diapers to those expensive plastic child underwear….the next step of youth.
    One brand you mention is Huggies.

    Her first step into this new world was the brand “Pull-Ups”.
    Of course they were decorated with kid loving cartoons and such, but she was so proud, she decided to show them off.
    I was her first customer to view the new underwear.
    She pulled down her pants, pointed to the Pull-Ups, and declared:

    “Look daddy! I have tulips!”

    I forgot about that until you wrote this story.
    Thanks, Dana, for the smile of memory I have with coffee this morning.

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