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Posted: April 29th, 2012
Sample arrives in perfect time for spring planting

Back in March, I wrote about a sample offer for Miracle Gro Expand’nGro concentrated planting mix.

Mine arrived in the mail recently and the timing and amount couldn’t have been more perfect.

I always start some of my vegetables and flowers indoors before moving them out to the garden and yard each spring. I already had pumpkin and some onion plants growing and wanted to start some more onions and some lavender. I was all ready with “pots” I’d made from toilet paper rolls (see this blog post for pot-making directions — Then I remembered I’d used the last of my planting soil for the pumpkins.

I stopped to check the mailbox on my way out to the store to buy more soil and there was my Miracle Gro sample. There was enough free mix to fill 24 of the little pots, letting me start my lavender and the other onions without having to spend money on dirt or the drive to the store.

Unfortunately, the sample no longer appears to be available, as I couldn’t get the web address for it to work anymore.

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  1. The Gardener says:

    We hire several local guys to do yard care, once per year when it comes to the summer time. Because of where We are, if I fail to get the yard looked over it will become really compact and clay-like

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