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By Dana Massing Erie Times-News staff blogger
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Posted: November 26th, 2012
Don’t be afraid to ask about discounts

One of the gifts I wanted to buy my mother this year was a specialty item that I only found in one catalog. I didn’t have any coupons or codes for this retailer, but really wanted this item for my mom anyway.

I planned to purchase it online from the catalog’s website, but the site was having some technical difficulties. So I ended up calling the toll-free number.

Since I had a live person on the phone, I did ask if there were currently any specials or shipping deals I might qualify for. Unfortunately, the only one was that I get 15 percent off another item. While tempting, there was nothing else I wanted from the site and I passed on the offer because ultimately it would have led me to make an unplanned additional purchase.

So I didn’t save 15 percent, but I avoided the temptation to spend more money. I consider that a win and will continue to ask about discounts because next time there might just be one I can use.

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