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Posted: November 15th, 2012
Shampoo samples provide multiple benefits

I like shampoo samples for several reasons.

First, they allow me to wash my hair for free.

Second, they let me try different shampoos without spending money on them and then finding out I don’t like them.

Third, if I decide I don’t like the shampoo for my hair, I can use what’s left of it instead of soap when shaving my legs.

Fourth, the samples come in bottles that are a convenient size for my luggage when I travel. I tend to save one or two of the containers when they’re empty and fill them with just the amount of my regular shampoo that I’ll need during a trip. The small bottles only take up a little space on the way there and, if I need to make room for souvenirs on the trip home, I don’t feel guilty about throwing a sample bottle away.

If you like any of these benefits of shampoo samples, here’s where you can get sign up for your own little bottles of Aveeno Nourish & Strengthen shampoo and conditioner:

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