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Posted: December 21st, 2012
Turn packaging into a gift of its own

I can share this now because I’ve already given these gifts to several friends who read this blog.

Earlier this year, a local store was having a sale on shoebox-sized photo storage boxes. I picked up half a dozen of the boxes with pretty floral and other designs like a Paris theme for a total of $10. Then I filled them with little presents.

The boxes are already decorated, although not with Christmas themes, so I didn’t have to wrap them. Plus, they are also a gift, something that my friends can use or display all year.

There are other ways to incorporate a gift into the wrapping. If you bought someone an ornament as part of his or her gift, tie the ornament onto the package instead of buying a bow.

One year, when I had time to bake, I bought a bunch of $1 round tins with poinsettias, snowmen and other designs on them and filled them with cookies for people. The tins were so festive, I didn’t cover any of them and the package became part of the present.

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