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Posted: January 27th, 2013
Freebies come in handy when you least expect it

For some unknown reason, a large framed poster that has hung on my hall wall for more than seven years fell down last night. On its way to the floor, it managed to smash into a night light, breaking the bulb and bending the prongs that plug it into the wall so that it won’t work anymore.

Fortunately, back in August, I had visited the website for the Penelec/FirstEnergy Home Energy Analyzer. I completed the home profile and shortly after that I received an Energy Conservation Kit in the mail. I’ve already installed two of the eight or so energy-efficient light bulbs that came in the kit and the power strip is fantastic. But I haven’t had need of either of the night lights that came in the kit. Until now.

I was easily able to replace my broken light last night at no cost. Having that freebie was pretty handy.

To read more about the free kit and find a link to the site where you can get it, go to

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