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Posted: January 11th, 2013
Maintaining records helps you avoid losing money

Saving money isn’t only about clipping coupons and finding freebies. Keeping track of your purchases and records of your spending can help you avoid losing money.

Here’s an example:

Back in November, I ordered four items from a catalog to give as Christmas gifts. When they arrived, they didn’t work. I called the company to ask if they would reimburse my cost for sending the items back as well as the purchase price of the items and what I had already paid in shipping and handling.

I was pleasantly surprised that they immediately reimbursed my prior shipping and handling fees, said they’d return the rest  of what I’d paid when they got the items back and sent me a prepaid shipping label to use to return them.

I did receive the prepaid shipping label and saw a credit on my December credit card bill for the shipping and handling amount I’d already paid. But the credit on my January bill was for less than the items cost.

Fortunately, I had saved my original invoice and knew exactly how much I was supposed to be getting back. Armed with that and the amount that had already been returned to my account, I called the company and asked why there was a $9.80 difference. A very nice lady apologized and explained that I’d been mistakenly given credit for returning only three items instead of four and she said she’d get the rest of my money back to me.

But you can bet I won’t be tossing any of those records out until my next credit card statement shows that that money is mine again.

If I hadn’t held onto the original invoice and checked to make sure that I had been credited with the full amount I was due, I would have been out $9.80. Might not seem like a lot, but little amounts add up.

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