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Posted: February 7th, 2013
Gifts with meaning don’t have to cost much

With a week to go until Valentine’s Day, you still have time to put together a personal gift that has a lot of meaning with little financial cost.

Here’s a gift that I’ve given to several people in the past on different occasions.

First, go through the photos you’ve taken over the years and find one with yourself and the gift recipient.

Next, find a basic wooden or plastic frame that fits the photo or, preferably, is a little bigger so that you can decorate it around the edges without covering the photo. I’ve found lots of nice frames at dollar and discount stores and I’m able to dress them up so they don’t look like they cost only a buck.

Personalize the frame. For friends that I play tennis with, I found tennis stickers to attach around the edges of the frames. For friends and family who love Erie, I glued pieces of beach glass from the shores of Lake Erie onto the plain plastic frames. You could take a marker and write words like “love,” “family” or “friend” on the frame. Do whatever you can think of that will make it special to the person you’re giving it to.


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