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Posted: March 27th, 2013
Freebies for guys

I know a lot of my posts tell you where you can get free products that women use. One reason for that is because I’m a woman so those are the kinds of products I’m looking for. Another is that it just seems to be that more products for women are being given away.

But I don’t want the guys to feel left out. So here is not one but two freebie offers for you.

Go to and click on “Free Samples.” The site doesn’t say what kind of samples of Bump Patrol product for razor bumps you will get, only that it’s while supplies last.

Go to and click on “On the House.” Don’t panic. If you read the small print, it says you don’t really have to enter “a piece of perfect advice to pass on to your fellow man.” That’s optional and if you leave the box blank, you can still submit your request for a free Clear Men Scalp Therapy sample.

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