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Posted: March 21st, 2013
Still time to implement energy-saving winter tips

My electric bill arrived yesterday and inside was a pamphlet that included several energy-saving tips for winter. And while spring may officially have arrived yesterday, with the snow that’s still falling in Erie, there’s still time to try these tips and save some money on your heating bill.

Here’s what I thought was the simplest of the suggestions provided by Penelec: Make sure drapes, plants or furniture don’t block registers for supply or return air.

In the apartment where I used to live, there was one room in which the only place I could fit a couch was in front of the register.  Because of that, the room was always colder than the rest, tempting me to turn up the heat.

Another suggestion: Find the obvious places where air can sneak into your home, then make repairs to plug the leaks by caulking or using weather stripping.

In my house, one of those places turned out to be a keyhole. My front door is original to the house, making it nearly 90 years old. Since then, someone installed a newer lock so I don’t use the large keyhole under the doorknob. One day I was walking past the door and felt a cold breeze coming through the old keyhole. So I plugged it and no more cold air gets in that way.

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