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Posted: May 28th, 2014

If you have 13 minutes or longer today to watch a video of smoke and meat, you could win prizes from Arby’s including $1,300 in cash.

The Arby’s 13-Hour Smoked Brisket Contest features a 13-hour commercial streaming online from 9 this morning to 10 tonight of a brisket being smoked. When I watched at the two-hour mark, there was nothing but meat and smoke.

You have to watch for a pop-up box. I saw one that said, “Ooh. A prize.” but I wasn’t quick enough to click on it before it disappeared and I had to wait until another popped up saying, “Puff. Puff. Prize.” If you do click in time, you then have to correctly answer a brisket trivia question (mine was about how many minutes there are in 13 hours). You only have a minute to both answer and type in your name and e-mail address to be entered to try to win a prize.

The site says there’s a pop-up at least every 13 minutes. I saw two about 7 minutes apart, which was good because I don’t know how much longer I could have watched and I doubt I’ll be going back. While the cash and other prizes, which appear to include $13 Arby’s gift cards, would be nice, I have better things to do with my time today.

However, if you want to give it a look, go to

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Posted: April 14th, 2014

Whether you’re celebrating that your taxes are done or need sustenance to get through the completion process, Arby’s has a freebie for you Tuesday on tax day.

Go to Arby’s Facebook page at or go directly to to get a coupon for a free snack-sized curly fry. The coupon is only good on April 15 and you’re only allowed one per customer.

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Posted: January 21st, 2014

Arby’s is giving away cash and gift cards.

The grand prize in its New French Dip & Swiss Sweepstakes is a check for $1,000, according to the official rules. Another 1,000 winners will get a $5 Arby’s gift card.

You can enter daily through Feb. 16 by going to

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Posted: July 22nd, 2013

Arby’s is celebrating its 49th anniversary with a 64-cent sandwich deal on Tuesday.

Go to and click on “Go Back to ’64.” Then you can print a coupon good for a roast beef classic sandwich for just 64 cents.

The coupon is only good on Tuesday, while sandwich supplies last at participating locations.

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Posted: April 9th, 2013

Tax day is coming. Whether you are getting a refund or have to pay, here’s a way to make the day even better.

Arby’s is holding its third annual Tax Day Curly Fry Giveaway.

On Monday, you can get a free value-sized curly fries or a free small potato cakes.

Arby’s also is giving away $500 tax relief payouts to 10 lucky winners.

Coupons and entries are available beginning today. To learn more, go to or

If you can’t wait until Monday for a freebie, Arby’s Facebook page had a coupon for a free 16-ounce shake with purchase of a regular-priced sandwich. That deal is good through today.


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