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Posted: April 29th, 2014

Dairy Queen has a BOGO 99 cents offer going on.

Buy any size Orange Julius Premium Fruit Smoothie or Julius Original and get a second of equal or lesser value for just 99 cents.

The Dairy Queen website at says the offer is for a limited time at participating locations. An e-mail I received from DQ said the offer ends May 25.


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Posted: September 9th, 2013

Temperatures in the Erie area are only in the 60s so far today, so I’m thinking sweater rather than ice cream. But tomorrow could be a good day for a Blizzard.

The thermometer in Erie is supposed to creep up near 90 on Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service, and Dairy Queen is running a special on Blizzards.

If you buy one Blizzard at regular price, you can get another of an equal or smaller size for just 99 cents. The promo is good at participating Dairy Queens through Sept. 22 and you don’t need a coupon, according to the e-mail I received from the Blizzard Fan Club. (Yes, I’m a member!)

Go to for details.

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Posted: March 6th, 2013

Some blizzards bring nothing but snow. The Blizzards at Dairy Queen are better because they have bits of chocolate and other goodies mixed in with ice cream.

Through March 24, you can get one of the tasty type of Blizzards for just 99 cents when you buy one at regular price at a participating Dairy Queen.

No coupon is necessary for the buy one, get one for 99 cents offer. But your discounted Blizzard does have to be the same size or smaller than the one you pay full price for. So you can’t buy a small Blizzard and get a large one for 99 cents.

Visit and click on “promos” to learn more.

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