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Posted: November 24th, 2012

Now that Black Friday is past, it’s time to look ahead to Cyber Monday.

I admit (OK, brag :-)) I’ve already finished most of my holiday shopping and a lot of it was done online. Over the next few days I’ll share some of what I’ve learned.

My first piece of advice: Use coupon and free-shipping codes and, if you don’t have them, search for them online.

I’m on the e-mail lists for several catalogs and websites. A benefit of a full inbox is that some of the e-mails from these places contain codes that lead to a certain percent off my order or free shipping. Last year, I didn’t pay for shipping on any of the Christmas gifts I ordered online.

This year, thanks to the code I found on the front of one catalog, I saved about $15 in shipping costs on one order.

I didn’t have any codes for another catalog website I was visiting because I hadn’t ordered from it before. So I did a Google search for the catalog name and “coupon code.” I got numerous results and on one of them I found a code for 10 percent off my entire order.

There’s also a site,, where you can search for codes based on the name of a store, catalog or website.

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