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By Andrew Kochirka staff blogger
Food has been an integral part of Andrew's life from a young age; from cooking with his mother and grandmother to creating recipes in his own kitchen. Now he scours the area's non-chain restaurant scene to find the best of the best of local food from chicken wings to French cuisine.   Read more about this blog.
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Ethnic Food in Review

Ethnic was a food category that I was extremely excited about.  A few of the places have turned out to be my new favorites in Erie.  There is no real way to break this eight week tour into categories to review because most places were different, so I am just going to name my favorites:

Favorite appetizers: Thai Sampler, Khao Thai; Spanish Meatballs, Rosa’s Legacy; Guacamole, Latino’s

Favorite entrée: Steak with sautéed onion, Rosa’s Legacy; Basil pesto shrimp and lump crab penne, Petra; Pollo con mole, Latino’s; Filet Toscano, Chovy’s

Most comforting food: Everything from Khao Thai makes me feel better; Both the Boxty and Shepherd’s pie from Molly Brannigan’s warmed right to my core

Favorite dessert: I don’t think I could pick just one from Rosa’s Legacy. I would have to say both their Corn pudding and their Bread pudding

Most of the locations were fantastic and many I will be returning to (some I already have).  I’d like to thank all of the servers and cooks again for making the majority of my visits as great as possible.  I am glad that I now have many more places to go eat dinner.

The next eight weeks of my Erie food tour will be filled with soups and appetizers in the area.  Soups will be great to help deal with these frigid February temperatures.  I have a few places in mind that I want to visit, but please continue to make suggestions here or send e-mails letting me know where you think I should go.

Let’s go soup!

Andrew – Beard vs. Food

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