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Food has been an integral part of Andrew's life from a young age; from cooking with his mother and grandmother to creating recipes in his own kitchen. Now he scours the area's non-chain restaurant scene to find the best of the best of local food from chicken wings to French cuisine.   Read more about this blog.
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Lorie’s Wildridge Restaurant

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It was just a few months ago that I first got to visit Lorie’s Wildridge Restaurant at 5455 West Ridge Road. Amanda and I had a delicious dinner that was finished off with two great pieces of pie. I left those out of my last review so that, if the time came, they could have a review of their own. This week, I returned and took four pieces home with me to try for dessert.

After eating dinner at home last night, Amanda and I indulged in some dessert. I have heard nothing but rave reviews about the concord grape pie so we started with that. The crust was light, flaky, and rolled perfectly thin. The grape filling was sweet, but slightly tart. The grape skins were left on which gave the filling a beautiful, dark purple color and a bit of texture. The topping was a buttery, sweet crumb topping that helped mellow out the bite of the filling. This is definitely a unique pie that you can’t find at many places in the area. It has a distinct flavor that might not be for everyone, but it is something you really should try.

Next up was one of my personal favorites and a first-timer on this cake/pie tour, sweet potato pie. The same light crust was layered with a thick sweet potato mixture. Similar to pumpkin pie in texture, although not as heavily spiced, this velvety filling had a pure sweet potato taste that worked perfectly in this dessert. On top of the sweet potato was a layer of cinnamon brown sugar crumb that I would eat on just about anything. To finish it off was a layer of freshly toasted marshmallows. I was worried that it would be too sweet, but each layer complimented the others and created great harmony. The cinnamon sugar mixed with the slightly smoky flavor of toasted marshmallow was my favorite part. Each bite of this pie was pretty close to perfect.

After the sweet potato, we moved back to the realm of fruit pie and tried the peach blackberry. Although neither fruits are in season, this pie was wonderfully fresh and delicious. The peaches were firm and full of flavor. The berries gave the pie a hint of tartness that balanced everything out. The topping was similar to the cinnamon brown sugar crumb from the sweet potato pie, but not as sweet. The cinnamon was prominent and mixed beautifully with the peaches. The crust on this pie was different than the first two and seemed to be made with whole wheat flour instead of all purpose. It had a great texture and added a different flavor that set this slice apart.

Finally, we tried a slice of three-layer chocolate mint. The chocolate cookie crumb crust was crunchy and delicious. The bottom layer of the pie was a thick chocolate mousse that melted in your mouth. The middle contained mint green mousse that was smooth and creamy with just the right amount of mint flavor. The top layer was a light chocolate whipped cream and shaved chocolate curls. Each bite was decadent, but not too rich, and left me craving a glass of milk. The best way to describe the flavor of this pie is being similar to a Thin Mint cookie. This was an awesome way to end our sample of desserts from Lorie’s.

Thank you to Lorie’s Wildridge for consistently making such delicious desserts. The food you serve is fantastic enough to keep people coming back and your desserts are just the icing on the cake, or perhaps, the whipped cream on the pie.

The phone number for Lorie’s is 814-838-3402. However, they do not take reservations so there may be a wait (I assure you, it’s worth it). They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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Until next time,

Andrew — Beard vs. Food

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