Posted: January 24th, 2011
I Got Drunk in Memphis with Hammersmith and All I Got Were Dirty Looks

Ok, the title of this post is not what happened, but it sounds like it could be true for some people.  For those who still do not get it, this week’s show involved Drunk in Memphis, Hammersmith, and a CD listening to Dirty Looks’ new album called I.C.U.  This party was held at Sherlock’s on Friday night, and what a night it was.

The night started off with the listening to Dirty Looks’ new CD.  As I’m writing this blog, the tunes are jamming in my headphones. To describe it, all I have to say is: old school rock.  Lead singer, Henrik Ostergaard, has a voice that echo’s AC/DC’s front man Brian Johnson.  It’s no surprise they have a cover of AC/DC’s, “Down Payment Blues”.  They also have another cover on the track, this time from The Turtles called, “Happy Together”.

This 10 track CD is a great rock album and I suggest you give it a listen, and buy it like I did.  My personal favorite on the album is between “Only Friend” and “Got A Ticket”.  It is hard to decide what I like better, but easy to love both.  The slight use of piano on the track, “Got a Ticket” has me loving the track. But the beginning of “Only Friend” has a Trans-Siberia Orchestra sound to it and it is sweet. I think it takes the cake for me.

Their CD is in dedication of fallen band member, Greg Pianka.  He passed last February, but still lives in memory and this album.  A plaque was created in his memory and was presented on stage before Drunk in Memphis went on.  Deepest of sympathies goes out to his family, friends, and his band members from us at RockErie.

This is was not just for remembering Greg, but celebration for him and his bands’ CD release.  Plus, we still had two more bands to carry us into the night.  First up on that list was Hammersmith.

These guys went through several line-ups and now they have been playing with the same members for roughly a year now.  They opened up with a Velvet Revolver track and continued to rock out songs from Silver Chair, Wolfmother, Stone Temple Pilots, Iron Maiden, The Cult, Live, and Audio Slave. Lead singer, Ed Little, has a voice that’s not little at all.  He belts out lyrics with that raspy sound.  The trick with singing like that is not to force it and not to try hard.  Ed had it down just right.

Although some sound trouble paused the tunes for a little while, they still rocked it out and had a great crowd gathered up near stage.  The saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun” was in it truest form as sand ran out on Hammersmith.  But that only meant the beginning for Drunk in Memphis.

Drunk in Memphis…what an awesome band name.  There has to be a story behind that and I tend to find out soon.  These guys just looked the part of rock stars. Bassist, Joe Lorei just eats & breathes rock musician.  Black tank-top and leather pants…the uniform for rock.  Meanwhile, lead guitarist Mike Dattilo and drummer Marty Light had the classic metal hair.  Just check out the pictures…the proof is in the pudding.  Last but not least, lead singer Russ Higby was sporting the fur coat, cowboy hat with a crucifix on it, jeans and white shoes. Clash of different styles mixed into one just screams, “yeah, I’m in a band”.

Drunk in Memphis had guitar riffs that wailed in the classic metal sound.  But the most unique song that I heard was a clash of two songs that are very popular, especially in Erie.

I know when I think of Metallica, the first song that comes to mind is, ” Enter Sandman”.  Everyone knows it has one of the best intros of all time.  In fact, just talking about it has me tapping my foot to the beat, and I bet you will be doing that too. Now, take that and mix it with another Erie favorite.  What song is that? Well, when it’s near closing time at the bars downtown, you usually hear a little number by Journey. Yes, I’m talking about the song, “Don’t Stop Believing”.  But, Journey and Metallica together? I never thought of that, never heard of that, never would have imagined the songs combined. But Drunk in Memphis did it, and it sounded awesome.  You definitely need to hear them play it.  These guys know how to rock, and the crowd at Sherlock’s was packed.  I had trouble navigating, but made it out alive.

I look forward to seeing these bands again. Until then, I have pictures to go by and you can see the gallery of over 90 photos by clicking here. You can buy them too!

But before I go, what shows do you suggest I go see next?   Want me to come to your show? Give me a shout at!


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