Posted: February 7th, 2011
X7, Otis, and FDH2O at Sherlock’s

When I heard that X7 was playing on Thursday, I knew they were one of the shows I wanted to see.  Then I saw who was playing with them and it was a hands-down pick for the show of the week. X7, Otis, and Face Down in High Water (FDH2O)were all on the ticket on quarter draft night this past Thursday at Sherlock’s.

First up on the ticket was Otis. This 3-piece funk-rock band are not only musicians, but part comedians too. Before every song, guitarist Sean Dunn had some humor to introduce the songs.  If you have their Live from Crooked i cd, you know what I’m talking about:

“We’re Otis, we thought we come here and sing you songs about abstinence and staying away from drugs and don’t drink, but instead we decided to play you one about an elephant with a tooth ache. This is called Five Ton Mary.”

Dunn’s guitar sound was that of pure funk riffs and some bursts of rock. But that’s not the first thing that you notice. The first thing you notice about Otis’ sound: bass.

Frank Ferko’s 6-string bass was in full effect as he hammered the tunes and at one point was beating it to create a sweet distortion sound.  Frank is also the lead singer of the group, belting out lyrics and doing his best to break the strings on the bass. When you listen to Otis, you can’t help but move to the bass and funk guitar. But you can’t forget Ryan McCall’s skills on the drums.

He provides that quick pace and sound that fits perfectly in the group.  In the song, “Death is the New Black”, the simple high hat beat is just right…and then having it transition to a harder-thrashing during the chorus sounded awesome.

After a few tracks and jokes, it was time for Otis to end and X7 to begin.

To say X7 is a talented group is an understatement.  I say this because of how the band promotes and obviously their music. What other band in Erie makes a promotional video about their next gig?  You can thank guitarist/lead vocalist/media producer Mike Kraus. Mike is a jack of all trades in music and art. His combination of the two creates a strong branded band with a great sound to back it up.

Hearing bands live always seem to sound different than audio tracks, but not X7.  The real deal is what you get. It’s a must to see these guys live, but you need to check out their videos too.  Illustrating the words and song into a video is something that can be difficult, but they have it down to a T.

I’ve seen some videos of bands, but the quality doesn’t do the song justice.  Here for X7, the song and the video make for an engaging experience that will having watching another video, listening to another song, or browsing through their website. I am telling you this because this is what it has done to me!

X7 is a definite show to go catch, and if you can’t see them, check out their website and hear some track and watch their videos.  But all good things must come to an end because as they rocked it out, the time had come to end their show.

By this late hour, one may want to go to bed, grab some grub, or just get home because they work the next morning.  But FDH2O was not one to stand still.

If you have seen them play before, you will know that they do not just play their music, but they let it control them.  I don’t think there was one spot on the stage where lead singer Paul Downey was NOT at.  When he performs, he gives it his all and then some.  You can tell because by the end of the night, his shirt, hat, everything will be soaked in sweat.

This alternative rock band plays in raw emotion…in song and performance.  Because of this, its no wonder FDH2O has showcased for three major record labels and at the Hard Rock Cafe in Cleveland, OH.

After four hours, ringing ears, over 1000 pictures, and soaked shirts, it was 2:00 A.M. and it was time to go. I went through the pictures and picked out a few 100+ gems for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Don’t forget you can purchace prints of them along with magnets and such, so check it out and be on the look out where I will be at next!


2 Responses to “X7, Otis, and FDH2O at Sherlock’s”
  1. Phill Ross says:

    OTiS has such a phenomenal and unique sound. I talked with Frank about the 6 string bass and man, that thing really does do wonders.

    All the bands that played this night were great. The deals helped too, of course. I’ll absolutely be back for the next time X7 and OTiS hit the stage on March 3rd!

    - Phill

    • Frank Ferko says:

      Thanks, Phil! Hope to see you soon. We’re playing @ Forward Hall, next Friday (April 29th), then May 3rd @ The Crooked i for Exposed Music Fest, plus a few other things later in the month. Hope to see you out, and thanks for the kind words!!!

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