Posted: July 14th, 2011
Necessary Experience at Vermont Tavern

After a long work week, it’s a must to kick back, relax, and enjoy your brief time off.  Perhaps you hang out with some friends, family or maybe it’s with your significant other.  Whatever you choose, it’s necessary that you have a good time.  I found myself out with some friends at the Vermont Tavern, having a Necessary Experience.

With a name like Necessary Experience, they are demanding your attention.  Why the name? You don’t have to search far and wide, just look at on of the band member’s’ name.


The three-man band from Titusville features Matt Necessary, Ronnie Feroz, and Jackson Froman. Three guys with three pretty cool last names. What’s even cooler is the style of music they play.

The rock/funk/pop/raggae/r&b band played tracks from Santana, Stevie Wonder’s Superstitious, Wild Cherry’s Play That Funky Music, Ray Orbison’s Pretty Woman, Inner Circle’s Sweat, Grand Funk Railroad’s Some Kind of Wonderful, the Wall Flowers’ One Headlight, and more. Personally, I thought the Wall Flowers cover was my favorite.  It’s been awhile since I heard that song, let alone a band playing it for fans.

Visit their website and facebook page for more info on the band and where they might be playing next.  Until then, check out the photos from the show on Friday by clicking here.

Don’t forget that the RockErie Music Awards starts the voting process Friday, July 15th! Get your votes in and support the scene!

-Steve Puskar


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