Posted: January 17th, 2011
Birthday Bash at the Crooked i

Friday nights are nights where everyone looks forward to.  It is the end of a week, the start of the weekend and that calls for celebration itself.  But, in this case there was more to celebrate this past Friday.

For any artist, getting to play for a crowd is a win.  Now take that win and add to it by celebrating your birthday. Sounds awesome, but it gets better.  Take another artist performing on the same night with you…and it’s their birthday. Now we have ourselves a party. Matt Boland from Matty B. and the Dirty Pickles and Carla Fleming from the Lake Erie Belly Dancers did just that.

This birthday bash was held at the Crooked i on State Street, and Abaddon Phallus opened up for the Dirty Pickles.

He played a bunch of cuts as Dig it Dave (Matty B’s Bassist) hammered on the Drums.  Although Abaddon Phallus’ style of music is not like the Pickles’, he still had the crowd jamming out and having a good time.  That’s all you need here in Erie, some good tunes on a weekend with friends and you can put a notch in the win column.  You aim to please and hope to go beyond that, and Abaddon Phallus did.  Even when doing a song about suicide, he joked and said that he’d make it seem happy.  Oddly enough, he was right.  And with that, the warm up show for the headliners was complete.

It is not everyday you go out and see a band play and dancers are present.  But this wasn’t like any other day.  This is a birthday bash.  Birthday gal, Carla Fleming and her dancers, are no strangers to the Erie scene lately.

Carla is the founder of the Fleming School of Arts. With a BA in music, she knows a thing or two about melodies.  She is most known for the Lake Erie Belly Dancers, who entertain crowds with different cultures of music in the name of dance.  She and her dancers had no problem entertaining the crowd Friday.

Using music, lights, costumes, and glowing hula-hoops, they put on quite a show.  And with all those props and dance moves, I don’t know how you couldn’t be entertained.  I found myself taking a break from shooting pictures because I was too focused on what was going on.   If you haven’t seen them perform before, they are a treat.  I highly suggest you do.

As the dance performance was about to end, Matty B. and the Dirty Pickles were set to rock their rockabilly tunes.  There is no other band in Erie that sounds like them, perhaps that’s why they are an Erie favorite.  It’s not only the tunes they play that keeps people coming back, it’s the show they put on.  Not many people like to view live music performances where the band just stand there, especially if the band is playing music you can’t help but move to.  Matty B. is not someone to stand still. Come to think of it, I don’t think he’s still until the music stops.  He moves about the stage, gets into the lyrics and expresses it to the crowd, and less we forget the signature jump off the drum set.  If you attended the RockErie Music Awards, then you have seen it for yourself (oh yeah, just look at the second picture in the art for blog header).

During the performance for the Pickles, the Lake Erie Belly Dancers would come out and entertain the crowd. Two-for-one show if you ask me.  Or, since it was their birthdays, it was like a four-in-one show…which ever, it was a blast.

To read up more on Matty B. and the Dirty Pickles, see their website and be on the look out on RockErie’s Around Town list to see where they will be playing next.

If you are interested in the Lake Erie Belly Dancers, see the Fleming School of Arts website and get informed on their teachings and where they will be performing next.

DON’T FORGET TO SEE THE PHOTO GALLERY OF THE SHOW! Stay tuned for the next RockErie Show of the Week.


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