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Posted: June 16th, 2011

Surprise! I’m not starting with, “geeked out”, or “get your geek on”…although I just did…kind-of. Oh alright, you got me. But you can’t help it. Eventually, you knew The Geek Army was going to be the Show of the Week eventually, and the summer time just feels like the best time to see them. So why not see them on a Friday at happy hour?

Coconut Joe’s on Fridays host happy hour deals along with a side of live music.  This past week was, well, you can guess who played. Despite the intermittent rain, the multi-winning RockErie Music Awards group played classic hits from the 80s, all the way up to the latest music you will hear on the radio.

These geeks know how to play and entertain.  Who else can pull off suspenders, plaid shorts, and showing off some extra leg? By looks alone, you can tell they are an easy going, good time band that’s there to have as just as much fun as you are.

Being one of Erie’s favorite cover bands, it’s not just looks that brings in fans…you have to sound good as well.  Lead singer, Terry Wood has a wide range of vocal capabilities which makes playing different songs in different genres possible.  Professor Grimes on the guitar knows how hammer away your favorite guitar riffs and solos from your favorite songs.  Dennis Rockberg on the bass plays it cool and collective while Chuck on the drums is not afraid to hammer out with emotion (just watch his facial expressions and you’ll know how much he loves playing).

Needless to say, if you’re an Erie citizen, chances are you’ve seen them play. Even if you are not a fan of cover bands, you have to hand it to them…they know how to play.


Don’t forget to see the entire gallery on pictures (78 of them) by clicking here.  You can buy the photos as well, so…buy some! Crazy music weekend folks: Block Party tonight with Chrome, Krayzie Bone and Wish Bone from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony at the Metro on Friday, and don’t forget the tattoo convention going on at the Bayfront Convention Center with all-female rockers Lez Zeppelin kicking it off!



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