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Posted: October 15th, 2010

You can’t beat a show at Sherlock’s. There’s something about the space, atmosphere, and the people in attendance.  That’s why Phantasm came back to Erie to make their DVD.  The band is originally from Jamestown, NY and then moved to Philly.  They said Sherlock’s is one of their favorite places to play because its one of the first places they started to play in.  Not only that, but for they  like it for the same reasons I listed before.

With their high energy and post-punk sound, they worked the crowd and had a successful show.  A good show is what you want to have while your filming for a DVD, and that’s what they got.  Dr. Rock had an interview with them that was featured in the showcase, and if you missed it…here’s  a link.  If you haven’t heard them play, check out their music at their website at

Be sure to check out our photo gallery of Phantasm and Redlight Romance.

Speaking of Redlight Romance, Joe Hunt and his crew followed up Phantasm with energy of their own.  2009 Album of the Year winner, and 2010 R&B winner carried out the rest of night with their songs.  To me, it seemed like an endless circle of energy…the band would play, the crowd would go nuts, they band played fed off of that, and so on.  With the funk-rock sound, you can help but get into the music.

Great shows by both bands. Fans wanting to know about when the DVD release for Phantasm, it looks like they are shooting for the release next year, so stay tuned.


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