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Posted: August 18th, 2011

Monica Lewis | StilettoWith an all female group called, Stiletto, odds are they’ll keep you on your toes. Being the only all-female vocal group, they have a leg up on the competition.

What better place for a gig that at 8 Great Tuesdays? Well, I could probably say Madison Square Garden and a bunch of other stages, but for an Erie Summer, I can’t think of a better place.  With a great crowd, perfect weather, and being right on the lake, the trio sang classic songs as well as today’s hits.

Emily Foht | StilettoMonica Lewis, Emily Foht, and Angie Myers sang ballads from the Bengals, Adele, Lady Gaga, The Weather Girls, and more.  What was pretty cool to see and hear was how the trio would take turns to showcase each other’s voices with certain songs. Early in the show, Emily sang Barracuda by Heart and I think it was right on the money.

You would think that these ladies were in the radio business, because as soon as a song was over, they did not waste time with dead air.  The provided banter as the rest of the band was getting tuned up for the next song. Keeping the crowd entertained the entire time could be a chore, but they did it like it was nothing.  If you want music entertainment, then you need to check out Stiletto.

Angie Myers | Stiletto

If you have seen Stiletto before, but with different band members, you weren’t losing your mind. Many of you may have seen one of Erie’s best vocalist, Lindsay Vendetti, was with the group, but she has moved out west to pursue her music career.  Whether it is three members or four, if the music is great, there’s no need to worry.  If the shoe fits, right?

Be sure to check our their facebook page and be sure to check out the full photo gallery (43 photos) on

See you guys at Celebrate Erie! Tons of music this weekend!

-Steve Puskar

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