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Posted: July 3rd, 2012

The fireworks at Canadohta Lake, just outside Union City, are some of the best in the region and definitely worth the 45 minute drive from Erie.  The show is fired from Shreve Ridge Road just west of the lake, but it’s visible from anywhere along the shoreline.  With so many vantage points, traffic usually isn’t a problem like you would find in bigger shows around the region.

The show is produced by R and R fireworks, a company from Central PA.  They have been producing the show for the last 5 years.  It’s a fast paced show with varied size fireworks.  The crew from R and R light the show with road flares so it’s interesting to watch them operate at the cannon level on the ground.  A word of caution to those with younger children, this show is LOUD and lengthy (this year it clocked at 27 minutes).

Fireworks 1
Fireworks 2
Fireworks 3
Fireworks 4
Fireworks 5
Fireworks 6
Fireworks 6
Fireworks 7
UC Barn
Several residents have bonfires after the fireworks

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