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Posted: September 14th, 2010

Truly getting her start in Erie, this city icon was built in Erie’s harbor nearly two centuries ago.

In her fourth reincarnation, this Erie starlet spends her summers touring the Great Lakes and the greater ocean blue, making appearances at docks and various Tall Ships festivals. She threw her biggest party of the year at the Erie Maritime Museum this past weekend.

Flagship Niagara during the Parade of Sail Thursday at Tall Ships Erie

Flagship Niagara during the Parade of Sail Thursday at Tall Ships Erie

Who’s who: The Flagship Niagara

Why care: The original brig was decisive in 1813 at the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812.

Erie link: Today, the ship docks at the Erie Maritime Museum as a piece of “living history.”

Landmark: Flagship Niagara stands as Erie’s city symbol.

Living History: The Niagara serves as non-profit educational program, offering sail training programs, designed to teach skills in leadership, communication, discipline, and teamwork. Programs run from day sails to full four-week programs aboard this tall ship.

Meet the crew: The brig sails with about 17 paid crewmembers and 20-24 volunteers at a time during the summer season.

A future for preserving history: Tall Ships festivals generally run every three years, perfect timing for Erie’s next festival: September 10, 2013 commemorates the bicentennial of the Battle of Lake Erie.

Kind of a big deal: The Niagara sailed as the longest vessel in the Great Lakes United Tall Ships Challenge 2010 with a sparred (overall) length of 198 feet.

Tall Ships Challenge: The Flagship sailed in the Great Lakes United Tall Ships Challenge this summer, a race series organized by the American Sail Training Association. In Race 4, a stretch reaching from Sturgeon Bay Canal to Wind Point, Wisconsin, Niagara took first place in the Class A Division.

The Niagara also received special recognition with a Seamanship Award for helping German brig Roald Amundsen, presented “in the true spirit of seamanship.”

Race to Save the Lakes: This summer with Great Lakes United, the challenge series turned its focus to the environment in their Race to Save the Lakes. This challenge highlighted the importance of preserving both water quality and Great Lakes ecosystems, the world’s largest fresh water ecosystem.

Look at a photo gallery of members from Tall Ships Erie’s Green Zone watering a tree designated for the ceremonious combining of waters gathered for all five Great Lakes during the challenge this summer.

Tall Ships Erie: See photo galleries, watch videos, find your photo booth picture, and read more about Tall Ships Erie at GoErie’s Tall Ships Erie coverage.


Goodbye for now: This past week was my last at GoErie: I’ll be leaving the country soon to pursue a year of teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) abroad. I’ll be keeping a blog of my travels and experiences; check back for a link to my updates.

Posted: September 8th, 2010

Butler, PA is not Erie, Pennsylvania, that’s a fact. But this congressional candidate says the issues facing northwestern Pennsylvanians are not zip code specific.

Taking a place in his father’s business the day after his college graduation, this Pennsylvania businessman believes putting good business sense first will help stabilize our nation’s spending problems.

Congressional candidate Mike Kelly

Congressional candidate Mike Kelly

Who’s who: Mike Kelly

Why care: This newcomer to the political process faces one term incumbent Democrat Kathy Dahlkemper, a race tagged as one of the state’s top midterm elections to watch by national observers.

Erie link: This automotive dealer was born and raised in western PA, although Kelly’s parents relocated to raise the family in Butler after his birth in Pittsburgh. A congressional candidate for the state’s third district, Kelly has been actively campaigning in Erie and around the region to gather support.

He and his wife, Victoria, have four children, George, Brendan, Charlotte, and Colin. He is the proud grandfather of four, three girls and a boy.

Previous experience: An active member of the Butler community, Kelly has served on the board of the Butler Area School District and currently serves as Councilman for Butler City Council.

Defensive tackle turned businessman: After a football injury put his dreams of playing pro to rest as a college freshman at the University of Norte Dame, Kelly found new motivation in his studies. “A maturing point” for Kelly, this injury turned him from “a boy with a dream to a man who realized there was a lot more to life.”

All in the family: Kelly started working for his father’s dealership at 14, and helped to build the current building, including digging trenches for the concrete. In 1967, he started as a Service Advisor, moving on to excel in sales the next year. He purchased the dealership from his father in the mid-90s.

Congressional motivation: “I couldn’t stomach that this would be the first time in America’s history that our children and grandchildren would be less well off than we were.”

Kelly’s plan: “Taxes, fines, and fees,” are three things that Kelly feels holds businesses—and the economy—back. Kelly looks to cut spending to end the deficit and help businesses succeed. He also looks to reduce corporate and wage taxes. He feels a simplified tax code would also curtail the government’s “ability to overreach.”

Side projects: Kelly serves as Secretary and Treasurer of Hyundai’s “Hope on Wheels,” a group that has raised $14 million to combat pediatric cancer.

Success: “…is a moving target,” said Kelly, who says it depends on his daily objectives.

Get educated: Learn more about Mike Kelly on his campaign website. Find out more about his Democratic competitor, Kathy Dahlkemper, on her site. Track campaign coverage on GoErie’s Campaign 10 blog. Find unbiased information on America’s elected officials at Project Vote Smart.

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Posted: August 31st, 2010

A fellow guest at a dinner party planted the first seed.

“You should run for congress.”

Surprised, she was further stunned when her husband replied, “I agree.” Then, she couldn’t get the idea out of her head.

Since 2007, this businesswoman-turned-politician has been engaged in Erie’s political scene since she campaigned for Pennsylvania’s 3rd congressional District, defeating an incumbent of 14 years in 2008.

Now in 2010, she’s once again campaigning, this time with two years of Capitol Hill experience under her belt.

Kathy Dahlkemper, represetning PA's 3rd congressional district

Kathy Dahlkemper, representing PA's 3rd congressional district

Who’s who: Kathy Dahlkemper

Why care: The congresswomen has represented Pennsylvania’s 3rd District as a Democrat since her oath in January 2009, and during her first two years, this political newbie passed more pieces of legislation than any other freshman of the 111th United States Congress.

Erie link: A graduate of Edinboro State College, now Edinboro University, Dahlkemper originally worked as a dietitian, then later helped her husband, Dan, run the family business, Dahlkemper Landscape Architects & Contractors. She and her husband, Dan, raised their family of five children, Aron, Gretchen, Linden, Tricia, and Nathan, in Erie.

Erie landmarks: Dahlkemper and her husband founded LEAF, the Lake Erie Arboretum at Frontier Park. The non-profit is Dan’s brainchild, and as co-founder and director, the congresswoman said it was running this organization which helped provide experience as a public figure.

Initial motivation: “I was unhappy with the direction of the country, and I felt English was out of touch,” said Dahlkemper, who defeated seven-term incumbent Republican Phil English in the 2008 election.

#1 issue for campaign 2010: “Jobs, jobs, jobs. It’s always been about jobs. 15 years ago it was about jobs.”

Challenges: As a congressional newcomer, Dahlkemper said experiencing the legislative process was challenging at first. She said learning to take advantage of house procedures is an “art over time.”

Proudest moments: Legislatively, the congresswoman says she is most proud of her achievements regarding the passage of the health care bill, particularly her work extending coverage to young people on their parents’ plans up to their 26th birthday.

Vision for the region: Taking advantage of Erie’s resources and connections to provide the climate for economic growth in the region. “Making this region a place where young people can find a good job” is the biggest item on her agenda.

Success is: “Knowing I’ve contributed to people I’ve been in contact with.”

Get educated: Learn more about Dahlkemper and her positions at her campaign website. Find out more about her Republican opponent Mike Kelly on his. Follow campaign coverage on GoErie’s Campaign 10 blog. Find unbiased information on America’s elected officials at Project Vote Smart.

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Posted: August 17th, 2010

You might recognize this rising star from a magazine fashion spread or the small screen—she made it to the top four in America’s Next Top Model in 2004.

Packing her bags, she left school and moved to the Big Apple for a chance at the top.

Today, she’s living the dream. And if she has her way, you’ll see her on TV again—with an Emmy in hand.

Ann Markley, model and rising actress

Ann Markley, model and rising actress. Photo shot by Justin Macala.

Who’s who: Ann Markley

Why care: Markley made a big splash in 2004, making it all the way to the top four in America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 3. This working girl has made a name for herself in the industry, making magazine covers, ads, and commercial spots, and is gaining notoriety as an actress.

Erie link: Markley attended Mercyhurst College, earning an athletic scholarship playing water polo. With most of her family in Erie, she loves to visit—and with childhood friends all getting married, she says finding excuses to come home are better than ever.

Spotted in Erie: First spotted at an Otters game, Markley was introduced to industry agents at New York’s IMG Models. Although they were interested in the budding model then, Markley refused to move to the big city—a requirement for the industry. She went to college, continuing her modeling interests through The Talent Group in Pittsburgh.

Lucky break: Top Model aired in the fall of 2004. Right after the episode eliminating Markley aired, NYC’s Elite Model Management called, asking to meet with the college senior.

Never looking back: Pulling out of Mercyhurst with two trimesters to go, Markley moved to the Big Apple with only $2,000—and without a job guarantee. But Markley said she’s never looking back. “I have traveled all over the world to different cities to model and have made my way and am still going and don’t plan on stopping.”

See her work: Currently, Markley has ads with Champion, Wheat Thins, and Under Armour.

Sporty Spice: Because so many athletic brands are spending more on advertising, Markley has snagged jobs as the “sporty girl,” getting paid to play soccer outside. Although, she’s truly a swimmer at heart and jokes that she’s “holding her breath” for that water polo job.

Big dreams: Markley has dreamed of acting since she was young, and she is working toward becoming an actress. In January, look for her on the TV show “Lights Out.”

Success is: “Doing what you love and following your heart.  It’s setting a goal in your mind and accomplishing it.”

Water polo zen: Markley plays pick-up water polo with an all-guys team for fun and to keep her sane.

Overcoming pressure: Although the pressure to conform to the industry’s perfect body image is huge, Markley said the way she’s found success is just to be herself. “Being confident is the best image to have,” said Markley. “Just staying positive, focused, and not being willing to accept no for an answer has made me successful.”

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Posted: August 10th, 2010

From diva Barbara Streisand, music legend Quincy Jones, The Carpenters, and Queen, he’s worked with them all. The Academy Awards shows and the soundtracks from Wall-E, Finding Nemo, and Iron Man 2—his engineering magic is behind them all.

This original Erieite was transplanted to California when he was young, but drawn into the music business during the golden age of recording. When the industry took a turn from dynamic, soulful albums to manufactured hip-hop wonders, his career track veered to the movie industry, a lucrative turn that’s allowed him to grow his business and his success.

He’s seen it all, done it all, and has the recording rap sheet to prove it.

Tommy Vicari moved from Erie when he was 9

Tommy Vicari, award-winning sound engineer, has worked with some of music's greatest.

Who’s who: Tommy Vicari

Why care: A multi-award winning sound engineer, Vicari has been in the biz over 40 years, and does his own independent contracting in LA today.

This guru of sound garnered four Emmys for his work mixing the Academy Awards shows (and was nominated for eight more), and snagged a Grammy for his work with music legend Quincy Jones (although he’s six-time nominee).

Erie link: Born in North East, Vicari lived in a house that his family shared with his uncle and grandmother. His father, Frank Vicari, worked for GE and Welch’s, but moved the family of three kids out to California for job opportunities when Vicari was nine.

All in the family: Vicari credits his mother, Rose Iannello, a big band singer, for his music appreciation. His uncle, Joseph Iannello, was an entertainer with the stage name, Joey Day, during the 40s.

Lucky break: Although Vicari didn’t finish college, he was drawn to the music business, determined to break in. Starting out in the mail room of Capitol Records, he eventually worked his way into the recording studio, befriending a producer and watching him work his magic behind the mixing board.

Personal triumph: “When I record an Academy Awards show, I walk past the mail room. It’s my own personal triumph to see how far I’ve come,” said Vicari.

Lived with Prince: Vicari recorded Prince’s first album, For You. He “lived with Prince for six months,” as the teenager recorded his debut album. Even though the record wasn’t a breakout success, Vicari says he’s still “really proud of that record.”

Visits Erie: The last time Vicari visited Erie was in the 80s. Working a gig in Illinois, he saw a sign that said “Erie, 80 miles.” Borrowing a car, he drove the whole way east to visit his hometown.

Success is: “Making a living doing something you enjoy.”

Advice: “There are three reasons I go to work: the people, the project, or the money,” said Vicari, who considers himself pretty lucky getting all three very often.

“Don’t burn any bridges—it just doesn’t make any sense!” He credits his success with the relationships he’s maintained over his career. “I do the same job for every artist. No matter how small, I would give them the same attention as Streisand or Jones.”

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Posted: August 3rd, 2010

With too many lucky breaks, it gets hard to pass off your success as plain old good fortune.

You must have talent.

Landing her own recurring segment on the local nightly news at the age of 11, this Erieite scooped interviews from Michael Jordan to Jim Kelly until the allure of a normal high school life pulled her away from the small screen.

But lightning struck twice, and as a college student, she was on-air again, picked to co-host Live! With Regis and Kelly while Ms.Ripa was on maternity leave.

Now a successful TV personality, she can’t be just lucky. You can’t deny: This woman has talent.

Sansone is an avid dog lover, pioneering a doggie adoption segment on LX NY

Maria and Ralphie. Sansone pioneered a dog adoption segment on LX NY.

Who’s who: Maria Sansone

Why care: Sansone packs a résumé longer than veteran broadcasters, having her own show, “Down to Size,” on WJET-TV24 as a tween and co-hosting with Regis Philbin as a junior at Syracuse University.

Now a New York resident, she currently a works as a correspondent for LX New York, a lifestyle program broadcast daily for NYC locals on NBC.

Erie link: Sansone grew up in Erie, attending Villa Maria Academy for high school.

Lucky break: Mike Gallagher of WJET spotted Sansone during a slam dunk contest of Erie’s then basketball team, the Wave, as she wowed the crowd with her ham routine.

Turned down Oprah: Wanting to send the message to both her parents and her producers that she wanted to slow down to be a normal kid, Sansone turned down an opportunity to be on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Validation: Sansone didn’t do much with TV until college when she became one of 10 finalists out of 10,000 to be on Live! With Regis and Kelly. “That validated me for me,” said Sansone, who did not just want to ride the coattails of her “Down to Size” fame.

Erie’s big role: To get the final spot, finalists had to win online—one vote only from each computer. “I have to credit the people of Erie for getting me on the show, they really rallied around me,” says Sansone, thanking everyone who voted in one of the first-ever internet voting contests for her spot on Live!

After college: “I had the time of my life—this is what I knew I wanted to do,” the TV personality said of her time on Live! She has since been an MTV VJ, hosted MTV’s The Freshmen, Yahoo’s The 9, and YouTube’s PopTub.

Advice: “Everywhere I am, I try to put my own spin on it, make it my own,” said Sansone, who has pioneered a doggie adoption segment on LX NY.

Visits Erie: About four or five times a year, especially the holidays. A confirmation sponsor for her high school senior younger brother, she wants to make sure she’s in town to see those special events, especially his basketball games. And this summer, “Instead of picking some exotic place,” Sansone and her husband will be “kicking back in Erie.”

Sansone’s own “Taste of Erie:” Sansone brought her friends home for her wedding, showcasing Erie’s finest in a “week of festivities.” The bridal party celebrated at Waldameer Park, and guests were treated to a mini “Taste of Erie” at a Yacht Club rehearsal dinner, complete with Smith’s hotdogs, pepperoni balls, perch, and pizza from International Bakery.

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Posted: July 27th, 2010

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert- the Musical. Yes, the musical.

Like The Producers and Hairspray, Priscilla originated as a movie in 1994, staring Hugo Weaving and Guy Pearce. Spreading its wings to stage, Priscilla played in Sydney and London, now set to premier in North American with an Erie native leading the way.

Let’s hope for the success of this masterpiece that Priscilla follows in the aforementioned footsteps of movies-made-into-musicals that it bounces back once more to the big screen.

Nick Adams, broadway star

Nick Adams, broadway star

Who’s who: Nick Adams

Why care: This 27-year-old Broadway actor has performed in numerous musicals, and landing a leading role in Priscilla as Adam/Felicia has forever sealed his star status, not to mention his rock-hard physique looks like Da Vinci chiseled it himself.

Erie link: This star grew up in Erie, starting his acting career on the Erie Playhouse stage at 9. His mom and dad both live in Erie, as well as his grandparents.

Roll call: Adams’ Broadway performances include Chicago, The Pirate Queen, A Chorus Line, and Guys and Dolls; he most recently performed in the 2010 cast of La Cage Aux Folles as one of the “Cagelles.”

Riding with Priscilla: “It’s an incredible opportunity to be originating a role in a new Broadway musical,” said Adams, “I’m shocked that this is my life.”

Stepping stones: A Mercyhurst Prep graduate, Adams attributes his work ethic from his high school experience.

Training at the prestigious Boston Conservatory of Music focused Adams’ talents by immersing him in theatre every day with a major in Musical Theatre and a minor in Dance. “For me, it was so important to continue my training in college; if I went straight to New York, I would have been lost.”

Ignition: However, it was the Playhouse that ignited his passion. “I found the spark there,” and “learned the fundamentals of being a performer. It’s a place where I felt connected with, felt most alive, and fit in, which is crucial growing up.” He still keeps in touch with the Playhouse, updating them on his successes.

Success is: “Work ethic. It keeps me moving, training as a professional actor, staying focus and keep me moving toward my goal,” said Adams. “It’s easy to let go of the dream with rejections.”

Visits Erie: About once a year, if he’s lucky! Although he keeps a busy schedule as an actor in New York City, living with his brother, he tries to make it home for Christmas.

Change of pace: Adams loves Erie in the summer, “It’s nice to be around grass and trees — you don’t get that in Manhattan!”  When he is in town, Adams visits the lake and with family.

See more of Nick: Follow Adams on his blog and find out more about his performances on his website.

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Posted: July 20th, 2010

As soon as we started talking, I felt like I could have known her half my life. Engaging and amiable, this week’s Erie profile—a proud mother of a new eight-week-old—caught up with me while playing with her two young boys at home. I was surprised we got a chance to chat in between her work with HGTV, promoting her new eBook, not to mention chasing two small kids.

Terry Haas, real estate guru on HGTV

Terry Haas, real estate guru

Who’s who: Terry Haas

Why care: A featured Real Estate Agent on HGTV’s “Designed to Sell,” Haas is known dishing out critical—yet tactful—advice on how to make a home more attractive to potential buyers.

Erie Link: An Edinboro University graduate, Haas worked with teenage moms at Florence Crittenton Home after graduation. Although Haas herself grew up in Pittsburgh, her entire family calls the lakeside home—her mom grew up in Millcreek.

Passion: Involved in real estate soon after her ’93 move to Atlanta, Haas got bit by the love bug. “I fell head over heels,” she said.

Starting out as an independent consultant, Haas grew as a stand out in the field and took her career to northern Virginia, where she became HGTV’s featured real estate expert for D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Today, she lives in Charleston, South Carolina, with her husband, two sons, and runs her own home staging consulting business.

Specialty: Home staging, the art of sprucing up a home to get the most bang for your buck.

Started in Erie: Erie’s diverse housing market offered Haas a wide view of the housing market. “There’s such a choice in Erie, something in every price range, there’s all kinds of big business, but with a small town feel. You can have ramblers, and then down the street you’ll have brand-new construction,”

Words of the wise: “There are two reasons why a house won’t sell,” said Haas. “One, it’s ugly. Two, it’s priced wrong. No matter where you are in the country, those rules apply.”

Shrinking small world: “Wherever I am, if I say I’m from Erie, somebody knows somebody who knows somebody from Erie.”

Best part about her job: Haas recognizes selling a home is a very personal thing—but that’s a main reason why she loves her job. “Working with TV is very fun, but getting to meet people in a real and intimate situation is a real honor.”

Visits Erie: 2-3 times a year. On her checklist: visits to Rum Runners, the Millcreek Mall, the bay front, a bike ride at Presque Isle.

Want some Haas home advice? Download her new eBook, Make Every Buyer Want your House. Visit her personal website for more on Haas, home staging, and her work on HGTV.

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Posted: July 13th, 2010

Remarkable people doing remarkable things. That’s who I get to talk to each and every week with this blog. The best part—they’re just like you and me. These guys started in Erie, following their passions to take them where they are today.

This week’s profile is a true Erie enthusiast, who I first caught visiting Waldameer Park with his family and then later at the Erie Yacht Club, celebrating with friends. You might have seen him, too, returning to wow hometown crowds at Saturday’s Party at the Plaza at West 8th Street’s Colony Plaza.

Bobby Borgia, international performer and magician

Bobby Borgia, international performer and magician

Who’s Who: Bobby Borgia

Why care: This international performer is a master illusionist and magician, and his résumé boasts a Renaissance man’s list capabilities of for hire. Borgia blends magic with acting, he currently resides in LA, bringing his magical instincts to everything he touches.

Erie Link: Born and raised in Erie. Mom, Dad, brother, cousins, and Nana of 90, all still hail from the area. Borgia went to St.Luke’s, and remains “best friends” with high school friends.

I <3 Erie: “I have the weirdest connection with Erie,” the L.A. transplant said. “I love it so much even my friends think I’m crazy.” Borgia hopes to buy a place in Erie soon, to refresh in between acts in L.A. Real estate requisites? A view of the sunset.

Street smarts: Performing on Erie streets, at festivals, and at local eateries gave Borgia the practice he needed to solidify his passion. As young as five-years-old, Borgia was performing slight-of-hand tricks in front of patrons at places like the Smuggler’s Wharf.

Big break: Hired as a magic consultant, Borgia broke into acting while standing on set and the director told the crew, “Put this guy in front of a camera.” Today, in addition to numerous magic specials, his acting bio includes appearances on TV shows Lois and Clark and The Pretender.

Around the world: Host of his own Carnival Cruise Line act for seven years, Borgia honed his craft while traveling from Singapore to the Caribbean.

Jack of all trades: An active creative and design consultant, Borgia has designed illusions for big-name music acts, such as Usher, Destiny’s Child, Boyz II Men, and Brian McKnight, making them appear out of nowhere in front of a dazzled crowd.

Next steps: A new show called “Intimate Phenomenon” is in the works. He also hopes to bring the show to Erie to film an episode.

Can’t get enough? Check out Bobby’s promotional reel from Westside Web, or see all Borgia’s magical stunts on his website.

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Posted: July 6th, 2010

They Started in Erie: In celebration of the historical weekend, this edition of They Started in Erie celebrates a figure from local history.

Charles A. Curtze, Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy

Rear Admiral Charles A. Curtze

Who’s who: Charles A. Curtze

Why care: A Rear Admiral in the United States Navy serving from 1933-1965, Curtze was a dynamic, accomplished individual, whose biography reads like a review of 20th Century history.

Erie Link: Born and raised in Erie, Curtze also returned to Erie, living in Millcreek until his death in 2007.

Early education: Graduated from Central High School in 1928, and class of 1933 at the United States Naval Academy.

Olympic almost: This US gymnastics team qualifier for the 1936 Munich Olympic Games was prevented from traveling to Hitler’s Germany as a member of the US Navy.

Pearl Harbor Hero: Curtze helped to lead the USS St.Louis to safety out of Pearl Harbor during the Japanese attack in 1941. The St. Louis was one of the only major ships that survived the attack.

Historic first: Part of the first NATO team, Curtze served as the first engineering member in London.

Duty and honor: Curtze resigned during the zenith of his naval career as the Deputy Chief of the Bureau of Ships in Washington, D.C. Along with Rear Admiral William A. Brockett, the Bureau’s Chief, the pair left in protest of the political abuses at the Pentagon during the Vietnam War.

Life full of service: Curtze passed in 2007, in his home in Millcreek. A member of the Erie Historical Society ‘s Honor Roll, Curtze was recognized in 2008 for his philanthropic contributions to the organization and Erie community.  Curtze is also on the Erie Hall of Fame’s list of “100 People Who Matter.”

Want to learn about local History? Take a stop at the Erie Historical Society on State Street, or visit one of their four historic house museums. You can discover how your family “Started in Erie” by visiting the Blasco Library’s Heritage Room on the second floor.

You pick the profile: Contact Ginny Tonkin at to nominate someone for They Started in Erie.

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