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Posted: July 13th, 2010
Lights, camera, action

Remarkable people doing remarkable things. That’s who I get to talk to each and every week with this blog. The best part—they’re just like you and me. These guys started in Erie, following their passions to take them where they are today.

This week’s profile is a true Erie enthusiast, who I first caught visiting Waldameer Park with his family and then later at the Erie Yacht Club, celebrating with friends. You might have seen him, too, returning to wow hometown crowds at Saturday’s Party at the Plaza at West 8th Street’s Colony Plaza.

Bobby Borgia, international performer and magician

Bobby Borgia, international performer and magician

Who’s Who: Bobby Borgia

Why care: This international performer is a master illusionist and magician, and his résumé boasts a Renaissance man’s list capabilities of for hire. Borgia blends magic with acting, he currently resides in LA, bringing his magical instincts to everything he touches.

Erie Link: Born and raised in Erie. Mom, Dad, brother, cousins, and Nana of 90, all still hail from the area. Borgia went to St.Luke’s, and remains “best friends” with high school friends.

I <3 Erie: “I have the weirdest connection with Erie,” the L.A. transplant said. “I love it so much even my friends think I’m crazy.” Borgia hopes to buy a place in Erie soon, to refresh in between acts in L.A. Real estate requisites? A view of the sunset.

Street smarts: Performing on Erie streets, at festivals, and at local eateries gave Borgia the practice he needed to solidify his passion. As young as five-years-old, Borgia was performing slight-of-hand tricks in front of patrons at places like the Smuggler’s Wharf.

Big break: Hired as a magic consultant, Borgia broke into acting while standing on set and the director told the crew, “Put this guy in front of a camera.” Today, in addition to numerous magic specials, his acting bio includes appearances on TV shows Lois and Clark and The Pretender.

Around the world: Host of his own Carnival Cruise Line act for seven years, Borgia honed his craft while traveling from Singapore to the Caribbean.

Jack of all trades: An active creative and design consultant, Borgia has designed illusions for big-name music acts, such as Usher, Destiny’s Child, Boyz II Men, and Brian McKnight, making them appear out of nowhere in front of a dazzled crowd.

Next steps: A new show called “Intimate Phenomenon” is in the works. He also hopes to bring the show to Erie to film an episode.

Can’t get enough? Check out Bobby’s promotional reel from Westside Web, or see all Borgia’s magical stunts on his website.

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