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Posted: July 27th, 2010
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Priscilla, Queen of the Desert- the Musical. Yes, the musical.

Like The Producers and Hairspray, Priscilla originated as a movie in 1994, staring Hugo Weaving and Guy Pearce. Spreading its wings to stage, Priscilla played in Sydney and London, now set to premier in North American with an Erie native leading the way.

Let’s hope for the success of this masterpiece that Priscilla follows in the aforementioned footsteps of movies-made-into-musicals that it bounces back once more to the big screen.

Nick Adams, broadway star

Nick Adams, broadway star

Who’s who: Nick Adams

Why care: This 27-year-old Broadway actor has performed in numerous musicals, and landing a leading role in Priscilla as Adam/Felicia has forever sealed his star status, not to mention his rock-hard physique looks like Da Vinci chiseled it himself.

Erie link: This star grew up in Erie, starting his acting career on the Erie Playhouse stage at 9. His mom and dad both live in Erie, as well as his grandparents.

Roll call: Adams’ Broadway performances include Chicago, The Pirate Queen, A Chorus Line, and Guys and Dolls; he most recently performed in the 2010 cast of La Cage Aux Folles as one of the “Cagelles.”

Riding with Priscilla: “It’s an incredible opportunity to be originating a role in a new Broadway musical,” said Adams, “I’m shocked that this is my life.”

Stepping stones: A Mercyhurst Prep graduate, Adams attributes his work ethic from his high school experience.

Training at the prestigious Boston Conservatory of Music focused Adams’ talents by immersing him in theatre every day with a major in Musical Theatre and a minor in Dance. “For me, it was so important to continue my training in college; if I went straight to New York, I would have been lost.”

Ignition: However, it was the Playhouse that ignited his passion. “I found the spark there,” and “learned the fundamentals of being a performer. It’s a place where I felt connected with, felt most alive, and fit in, which is crucial growing up.” He still keeps in touch with the Playhouse, updating them on his successes.

Success is: “Work ethic. It keeps me moving, training as a professional actor, staying focus and keep me moving toward my goal,” said Adams. “It’s easy to let go of the dream with rejections.”

Visits Erie: About once a year, if he’s lucky! Although he keeps a busy schedule as an actor in New York City, living with his brother, he tries to make it home for Christmas.

Change of pace: Adams loves Erie in the summer, “It’s nice to be around grass and trees — you don’t get that in Manhattan!”  When he is in town, Adams visits the lake and with family.

See more of Nick: Follow Adams on his blog and find out more about his performances on his website.

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