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Posted: May 28th, 2011
The first of the lasts
Le Ngoc Han third graders excited to have their picture taken

Le Ngoc Han third graders excited to have their picture taken


Pulled back stateside to be part of my friends’ wedding, I have left HCMC, returning to a lovely summer at GoErie. We will see where my wandering feet take me next.

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At the local primary schools, the students are more rambunctious because their parents aren’t paying for them to go take English class. So, at the start of class everyday, we sing a song to burn up some of the kids’ energy. If found that modified camp songs transfer really well to ESL.

On the last day, I filmed my third graders singing “The Penguin Song,” an old camp favorite. The song worked so well because it not only made the silly squirmers stand at attention in between each verse, learn new animal body parts, but also tuckered them out from jumping up and down at the end of the song. “The Banana Song” and the “Hokey Pokey” are also class favorites.


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