The Indians got a steal with Nick Swisher

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The Cleveland Indians have their power-hitting outfielder, and it looks like a great signing.

The Indians acquired Nick Swisher to a four year, $56 million deal to fill a need in their outfield.

Swisher hit .272 with 24 home runs and 93 RBIs last season with the New York Yankees.

Compare that to the deal the Los Angeles Angels gave Josh Hamilton — something in the neighborhood of $25 million per year.

That’s a lot of coin to be shelling out. Now, compare their average statistics over the last four years:

Player A: Games played – 123, At-bats – 476, Home runs – 28, RBIs – 94, Average – .305, On-base pct. – .360.

Player B: Games: 150, At-bats – 532, Home runs – 26, RBIs – 87, Average – .268, On-base pct. .367.

Want to play guess the player? Player A is Hamilton while Player B is Swisher.

Their numbers are fairly similar, except for average. However, Hamilton’s average is boosted by hitting .359 in 2010.

And if you want to hang your hat on that difference in average, I’d like to point out that on-base percentage is similar, but with Swisher with a better average.

While everyone was wondering where Hamilton was going, the Indians snagged a player with similar numbers and less risk for a lot less money.

Pretty smart signing for the Indians.


– Rick Green (Follow me on Twitter @ETNrgreen)



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