Pirates make wrong move at trade deadline

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It was quite a week leading up to the MLB trade deadline.jollyroger

The Pittsburgh Pirates were linked to possible deals for Jon Lester, A.J. Burnett, John Lackey and even David Price.

Wow. Were they really going to make a blockbuster deal and go all-in for the postseason?

Nope. They did nothing.

Well, they claimed pitcher Angel Sanchez off waivers from White Sox.

That’s it. No starter. No reliever. No bench player.


Here’s what GM Neal Huntington said after the deadline passed:

In the final decision process we felt that our best move was to stay as we were at this point.

Really? The Pirates are set? They couldn’t get better?

Hah. They have room to improve.

The bullpen is no where near it was last season. The pitching staff could use a boost. Pedro Alvarez is a liability at the plate and the field at third. First base has been a problem all season.

What the team is saying now is other GMs wanted MLB talent instead of some of the jewels from the Pirates’ farm system.

Again, here’s Neal:

It was more kind of an NBA environment where it was established guys for younger established guys.

I don’t buy it. One of the top-rated minor league systems didn’t generate interest?

I’m not sure if the price was too high in terms of players other teams wanted in return or the price was just too high financially.

Here’s the reality of things: The Pirates are two games out of first and just a half-game from the wild card. They’re in the hunt. They needed to do something.

Even the Miami Marlins made some moves, adding pitcher Jarred Cosart and outfielder Enrique Hernandez in a deal with Houston.

And, in case you hadn’t noticed, the Marlins are 53-54, just 4.5 games out of the wild card.

Did the Marlins give up established players?

Nope. Prospects Colin Moran and Jake Marisnick went to the Astros.

Maybe Neal just doesn’t know how to deal.

– Rick Green



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One Response to “Pirates make wrong move at trade deadline”

  1. jefferson8 says:

    Was this article written by one of the lunatic fans that call into Pittsburgh sports radio shows? The Pirates could have traded for all of the pitchers mentioned above and it would be the same storyline next year: The owner’s cheap. I know, your just giving the people want they want, instead of enlightening them.

    The Pirates didn’t bring AJ Burnett back as much because of his performance this year as his inflated contract. The A’s got fleeced in the Lester deal and already gave up a ton of their prospects for the two cubs pitchers (one of which is working out real well right now 0-4, 10.00 ERA). The were never really in on Lackey.

    Did they improve themselves at the deadline? Nope. Did anyone else in the division improve themselves? Nope

    As a Pirates fan for 34 years, I have no problem with the Pirates standing pat. Cole will return next week, pushing one of the starter to the bullpen, Marte will return during the next homestand, allowing Snider to hit off the bench. Alvarez and Harrison will platoon 3B and work off the bench. It’s not perfect, but which team in the national league is?

    Do yourself a favor, save the “the owner is cheap” dialogue for when they don’t sign Martin or Walker, until then retire it, it’s old.

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