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Posted: July 23rd, 2010
What’s new on GoErie.com

Starting today and moving forward, we want to let you know more about what we are doing at GoErie.com and some of the new features you will find on this site.

One of the first features we wanted to tell you about is in Sunday’s Erie Times-News.  Each week, we will feature photos submitted by users of GoErie.com.  You can see a sample of what the ad looks like on the right.

When you submit a photo to any of our galleries, your image has a chance of being showcased in the Sunday print edition.  To help ensure that we can properly showcase your great images, the larger you can upload, the better.

A few other things we have added to GoErie recently include:

  • Regional destination pages: Because we understand that you might live in the Erie area, you are interested in our surrounding communities.  We wanted to build a destination on GoErie so you can get a snapshot of the top headlines, sports scores, stats and events going on in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Buffalo and Ontario.
  • Community blog roll: Check out our blogs landing page and submit your blog for inclusion on our community blog roll.
  • Databases: I will admit that data seems boring, but take a look at all the information we have available to you through our Data Central.  Here, you can find everything from the Erie Crime Map, to the local Most Wanted fugitives, local public employee salaries, restaurant inspections, past due water bills and more.

There is a lot going on at GoErie.com as we try to build the best community portal for you.  If you have any suggestions for improvements we could make to GoErie, please leave a comment and let us know.

We will keep this blog updated regularly to let you know what’s new and what’s coming on GoErie.

– Dann Miller
Manager, Interactive Content and Technology

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