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Posted: March 14th, 2011

We recently launched our 2011 St Patrick’s Day coverage section.  Follow the Street View team all day Thursday as they take photos, shoot video and tweet from downtown Erie.  We’ll also have a live blog (goerie.com/blogs/streetview), and a live Foursquare checkins map so you can follow the crew around town.

The page also has a lot of useful information.  In addition to the latest news and event listings, we’ve included our interactive downtown map so you can find a place to eat, a place to drink and (if necessary) a place to stay.  We also have a list of bars so you know what time they open and what specials they have.

Check out our  coverage today at GoErie.com/StPattysDay.

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Posted: February 9th, 2011

GoErie.com Street ViewWe’ve realized that the Street View blog is an insufficient home for all of the content we produce.  Sure, it’s nice but it’s not enough to house the many photo galleries, video, event listings and special event coverage that we do.  Street View has grown over the past few months.  That’s why we’re introducing the new GoErie.com Street View.  We’ll still update the blog too, but the new Street View is now your destination for the latest photo galleries, video, blog posts, event listings, special event coverage and entertainment news.  We even have a form for you to submit your photo opportunities so if you’d like us to cover your event, let us know.  Check out the new GoErie.com Street View today at www.goerie.com/streetview!

You should also check out the Street View Facebook page and GoErie Events on Twitter.

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