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Posted: June 16th, 2011
Three things — 6/16/11

Three things I’m loving this week:

1. “Confetti” flowers. I don’t know what type of flowers these technically are, but they look like some sort of small “wave” petunia and they are so colorful and gorgeous. They bloom all summer long and they are amazing. The last few years I’ve bought them at Walmart, but I saw them at Lowe’s this year, too.


2. Presque Isle Sunset Music Series beach concerts. Simply the coolest place in Erie to see a free concert. Last night was the first in the series. Check out upcoming beach concerts here.

Erie Times-News/Greg Wohlford

3. Stepping stone kits. Available for less than $10 (I got the one below at Christmas Tree Shops for $5), these stepping stones make great Father’s Day gifts or…you know…a grave marker:


Three things I’m not loving this week:

1. Woodpeckers. I love them..they’re cool…I wouldn’t like, shoot them with a BB gun or anything, but check out what they’ve done to a tree (dubbed our holy tree) in our yard.

Well..it’s woodpeckers or my husband is messing with me.

2. Vacation catch-up. ’nuff said (cause I’ve got a LOT of stuff to clear off my desk)

3. My dead laptop. My 4-year-old laptop is sitting on the couch end table, dead a doornail, refusing to charge….mocking me.


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