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Posted: January 31st, 2012
Not ready for kindergarten

If you fear hearing those words from your child’s teacher, rest easy. I’ve been there, and I’m writing this because it’s the time of year when parents start thinking about where their little ones will be attending school once they graduate from preschool. My advice: Don’t push them.

There is no magic date or age when kids are potty-trained, tie their shoes, tell time, or master the intricacies of the times tables. Last week, a teacher asked me to resurrect an article that Heather Cass wrote about this topic in 2007 because it becomes so prevalent this time of year. Parents feel guilty that maybe they did something wrong when the news comes in that a tot just isn’t ready.

You did nothing wrong, and the benefits of waiting are many. My oldest started kindergarten after attending a 5-year-old class at Lakewood United Methodist Preschool. It was the best decision because he wasn’t ready in a lot of ways for the daily grind of school. The next year, he excelled at everything.

Here’s an article that gives you some guidance on what kindergarten readiness means.

Enjoy your kids. Those first few years of school are so important. You and your child should remember them as happy times. We do.

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5 Responses to “Not ready for kindergarten”
  1. Judy says:

    I was not able to open the link for the article giving guidance on kindergarten readiness. I am interested because my 4 year old grandson will be 5 in May and Fairview has moved the cut off date to the beginning of May for kindergarten.

  2. Christina says:

    I find the information in this article extremely useful to my knowledge. metode de copiat

  3. Meredith says:

    Erie County and Crawford County School districts along with early childhood educators developed a readiness checklist to help parents. It’s a great tool to help you know what your child is expected to know. Please keep in mind that these are NOT required but a guide to help you. If you see an area your child needs help start there. Children in this age range pick up skills quickly and just because the child does not have the skills in February does not mean he or she won’t September.

    Also if you think your child is ready but did not meet the cut-off date, ask the school to assess the child.


  4. Pam Parker says:

    Thanks so much — this is a such an important topic.

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