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Posted: March 24th, 2012
Hide the vitamins and meds from kids

The third week of March is designated to prevent accidental poisoning, according to Poison Prevention.org. Even though we may think that we have everything locked safely away, it’s a reminder to double check. My kids are a little old to worry about accidental poisoning, but they all took a turn at it.

As a preschooler, my oldest managed to open my child-proof locked allergy medicine on a top shelf of a kitchen cabinet and dump them all over the floor. They taste awful, so the folks at Poison Control said he probably spit it out if he took one, but he might get jittery. He was fine, but I realized he had watched me take them, and you know they imitate everything. I think it was the same day he cooked a hot dog in the toaster. I never cooked hot dogs in the toaster — he was inventive on that one.

When my doctor prescribed iron tablets for me, one of the kids — an adult, mind you — thought it might be a good idea to try them. Don’t mess with iron or any vitamins. We often think these are natural substances we can self-prescribe because they are non-prescription, but they are nothing to mess with.  They do have side effects, like rashes — especially if you get too much in your system.

The Poison Control folks recommend that you keep harmful substances out of sight and reach. I thought I had, but kids can be clever. At any age. Lock up the meds, vitamins and household cleaning items, and remind your kids — no matter how old — that even vitamins and minerals can become toxic.

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2 Responses to “Hide the vitamins and meds from kids”
  1. Jessica says:

    Great post! It’s easy to not think of vitamins as toxic but in the hands of kids they really can be! I just got some NuTru http://www.nutru.com vegan Omega-3 supplements and this is great timing as a reminder for me to keep them on a high shelf. Thanks again!

  2. Pam Parker says:


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