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Posted: April 15th, 2012
Powell Avenue closes Monday, April 16

I have spent most of my life going over Powell Avenue — the critical link that connects Route 5 to Route 20. I’ve lived north of it and south of it. And I use it every day.

It’s been closed a number of times over the years — changing curves and bridges in the process. I’ve driven over it, walked over it and ridden a bike over it — so have all my kids. Every time it closes, I am reminded of the time about 18 years ago when I took my son Ryan to swim class on my bike. He was strapped into of those bike trailers because he was too big for a bike seat. I swear that trailer weighed 50 pounds. And it was one of those 90 degrees days. My car was in for repairs, and I thought the exercise was a good idea. I rode up that hill and on the sidewalk over the bridge. It was a bumpy ride. I thought twice about riding home that way, but there was no other route.

Monday, April 16, the road will close for several weeks while construction crews connect Powell Avenue to Marshall Avenue. That’s a really big change for the road I’ve known a long time and for the residents in the area. I’m sure I’m going to forget a few times, so I’m personally hoping this reminder works for me and all of us who travel that road that’s much more than a connector.

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