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Posted: October 12th, 2012
Fashion Friday — coated with color and cheap

In Her Times on Sunday, Jessica Copeland from Sassy Peacock gave us a great look at what’s styling this year in outerwear. In a word — it’s color! Read all about it right here. Pricing I have found goes from $16 — yes $16 into the hundreds, but I like those cheaper styles.

The coat at left is available from Zappo’s for $75. I love it. I want color and I also want the yellow and gold shades popular at The Limited and more.

At Forever 21, look what I found: Reds for $27.50 to $49 and golds for anywhere from $16 to $42.50. I haven’t had a red coat in years (other than the red leather I bought 10 years ago and I won’t let it go), so this is the year for red and gold for me.

Color your outerwear with fun shades from local and Internet vendors.

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