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Posted: January 23rd, 2013
Millcreek School District mulls in secrecy … again
This is a photograph of Gus Anderson Field at McDowell High School on April 17. Photo by JACK HANRAHAN/

This is a photograph of Gus Anderson Field at McDowell High School on April 17. Photo by JACK HANRAHAN/

On Jan. 22, Sean McCracken reported that Millcreek Township School District Superintendent Michael Golde is on administrative leave for “personal reasons” since Jan. 18.

No one is talking, and district employees said Golde’s leave might be discussed at the Millcreek School Board’s Jan. 28 meeting — 10 days after he left.

Another mystery brews. Officials referred questions to Tim Sennett, Millcreek Township attorney at the personnel, finance and operations meeting on Jan. 22.

See GoErie.com and read Sean McCracken’s update here for more details. Just a tidbit from McCracken’s story that caught my eye: “Golde is working under a five-year contract with the district that expires in 2014. His pay started at $155,000 a year and increased a maximum of 4 percent annually based on evaluations of his work.”

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One Response to “Millcreek School District mulls in secrecy … again”
  1. Michael says:

    Golde is probably either being forced out of office or he did something that didnt sit well with Millcreek Township. I have lived in millcreek and grew up in their school system and i must say its sad that Mr. Golde has to take an administrative leave when they decided to make a new McDowell and build a new stadium. Can someone please tell me what is wrong with just building the school where the baseball fields are and then just relocating them to where the school stands??? Its sad that nobody actually thinks on these matters. Just because cathedral Prep has their own state-of-the-art sports complex does not mean that McDowell needs one as well