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Posted: March 5th, 2013
Whistle, exercise, standup while you work

TrekdeskThanks to Beth Zimmer, who shared a link on Linked In that discusses standing desks and walking stations rather than sitting on our butts at desks.

Here’s the link to Andrew Seidman’s (aseidman@phillynews.com, or @AndrewSeidman on Twitter) Philadelphia Inquirer story that discusses how GlaxoSmithKline employees are using standing work stations in Philadelphia.

The article outlines how we are becoming a sedentary society and that prolonged sitting can be linked to cancer, blood clots, heart disease and more.

Some new office designs include treadmill desks, walking stations and more. My boss sits on a stability ball. I’d like to go one better — I’d kind of like this giant gizmo gadget Trekdesk and chair — this could be the desk of the future.

whistle while you workThe Trekdesk retails for $479 — you have to have your own treadmill, and the chair is extra.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” may have something else to sing about.

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