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Posted: July 22nd, 2013
Erie seniors got game

Howie SampsonHowie Sampson wasn’t be on my pickleball court this weekend. He usually is, but he’s one of 11 Erie County athletes competing in the National Senior Games in Cleveland — specifically in track and field and pickleball.

According to an article in the Erie Times-News –click here for the full story — nearly 11,000 men and women ages 50 and up compete in 19 sports during the two-week event.

Team sports include basketball, volleyball, softball, cycling, golf, swimming and archery.

Familiar Erie County names will be in the competition: Francis Albaugh and Elizabeth Deak will compete in track and field. Cary MacIsaac and Joyce Quadri will compete in cycling. Janet Pedersen will compete in shuffleboard and horseshoes while Kathy Schreckengost is involved in a triathalon and swimming. Sam Steiner will compete in table tennis. Shelley Klinek, David Larson, Findley Boyd will also compete.

For more information on the competition, visit www.nsga.com

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