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Posted: October 11th, 2013
Fashion Friday — boots that fit real women’s calves


Time to reboot? Me too! I am in search of boots, and I have spent a lifetime trying to squeeze my small feet and larger-than-average calves into designer boots. I’ve used pliers to pull those zippers up on occasion. I’ve worked up a sweat getting them on and never take them off until day is done. Or I buy pull-ons.

Recently, I had success at Payless. Women’s Nadia Tall Boots from Payless — under $40 got great reviews. I tried them and liked them. I also found some of their other boots, that were not extended-calf boots, fit me perfectly. I am sold!

If you search for wide-calf or extended-calf boots online, make sure to measure your calf and read the reviews. Although some boots may claim to extend beyond a 14-16-inch circumference, reviewers are blunt and say the boots are not big enough.

calf stretcherIf you still want regular designer boots, and who doesn’t, one option is this handy, dandy calf stretcher from FootFitter on Amazon.com. It goes inside the boot, claims to work miracles, gets a 5-star review from 18 out of 19 reviewers – the 19th gave it 4 stars. It is on sale now for $169 — I say we all chip in, buy one and pass it around! Note that you only get one for $169 and most reviewers said to pay really close attention to the directions. I’m guessing you could break something if you don’t.

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One Response to “Fashion Friday — boots that fit real women’s calves”
  1. I adore designer footwear as well but sometimes find it too expensive. Thanks for the tips.

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