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Posted: October 31st, 2013
Wrap up Halloween with a dress made of wrappers

adriaWhat should you do with all those leftover candy wrappers? Make a chain … or a dress. In 2012, we interviewed Adria Roberts, then a student at Strong Vincent High School. She and her boyfriend,  Steven Comi, – and countless others — collected Starburst Fruit Chews wrappers so that Adria could make her prom dress. The photo, by Adria’s sister appeared in Her Times, and the teens wore some big glasses and Starburst corsages to add to the wardrobe.

Adria and Steven are busy pursuing degrees at different colleges. Read the entire Her Times article here.

Gum wrappers have a long history as chains. The Guinness World Record holder is Gary Duschl, of Virgina Beach, Va. He has his own website at Gumwrapper.com. He started his chain in 1965, and he’s still going. The site says the chain required $123,356 worth of Gum, and it’s Wrigley wrappers only. He’s been the world record holder for 18 years, and the chain measures more than 14 miles. He added that you can make a Starburst chain. He also demonstrates how to make your own chain. View his additional videos on candy wrapper purses and more.

Lots of clever ways to remember Halloween with recycled wrappers.

Happy Halloween! 1384238_10151906170047367_650287073_n For more great Halloween stuff, click on GoErie.com. Or check out the Facebook page by clicking on the jack o’ lanterns — the GoeErie image today.

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