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Posted: October 5th, 2011

“Well of course you can!” I say enthusiastically.
We’ve all encountered the “bring a friend along,” and it’s a great idea … on paper.
Three things I’ve learned:
1. When your darlings start bringing along friends, enjoy it. Make it fun. You will be the odd man out and often more of a driver than a participant, but at least for the ride in the car, you’ll get a chance to KNOW the friends. Take it from me — mom of three and stepmom of three — no one, and I mean no one, will influence your child more than friends.
2. Be prepared if the kids want to ditch you. As kids become ‘tweens, you become invisible, especially at the mall. But relish letting go a little. Watching your child grow up and interact without you is endearing. You’re going to see a little of yourself in that tween. Smile and remember it’s a step toward independence. Give them the space they need, but make sure you have had all the safety discussions in advance.
3.You’re going to find that you don’t like some of the friends, but don’t be judgmental, at least not out loud. My mother was a terrible judge of character. She disliked some of my teen friends that are, to this day, my best buds.
But that doesn’t mean every kid will be a lifelong bud. The bottom line here is that kids change. The overly loud, boisterous and obnoxious friend that your child loves and you dislike might be the lifesaver your youngster needs someday. Trust me on this. A friend can be annoying one year and thoughtful the next. It’s all part of the growing process … for us and our offspring.

Posted: October 2nd, 2011

After a banner outing with all the women involved in the Her Times 5K yesterday (click here for results), we followed up with our October issue of Her Times in today’s newspaper. It’s full of terrific articles and thanks to everyone for your emails and support!
Make sure to give Debbie DeAngelo’s story a read on how we really can work to avoid the chemicals that invade our lives. It hit home for me when I was out of town at a wedding last night.
I realized that we didn’t see much in the way of plastics last night or this morning. Even in our hotel room at The Wyndham, we had glasses — not plastic cups in the bathroom. Our little Cuisinart pumped coffee into two paper cups (not plastic), but I stirred whitener or (whatever that fake creamer is) into the coffee with plastic stirrers. Still, it’s a step up from plastic cups! We can make a difference. Thanks for making me think, Debbie!

Posted: September 30th, 2011

I never ask people to vote for anything or anyone. Not on Facebook or anyplace else, but I implore everyone to vote for Liz Allen in the Live Fearlessly contest.
If you don’t know Liz, please read the essay submitted. I do know Liz, and she is an extraordinary woman who faced a lot of sadness in her life losing numerous family members in a short time. Yet, Liz never dwells on the sadness. She is an inspiration for all of us.
Liz is the public editor at the Erie Times-News, and I am proud to have known her for decades. Take just a minute to voter for her today — voting ends tonight.
The contest is a statewide honor, and no one deserves it more than Liz.

Posted: September 26th, 2011

One of the most important things I learned as a mom was to be a mom when the kids were involved in sports. Kids have coaches — lots of them — to tell them how to improve and remind them when they make mistakes.
I found I had to remember that kids are just kids learning how to play a sport they love. They have school, social issues, tests and life to get in the way of athletic performance.
And they have bad days. Just like you and me. Really bad days when their timing is off, the hands work like feet, and the feet seem to be traveling in slow-mo. Those are the days that they really need Mom and Dad to encourage them.
My daughter was the Metro Runner of the year her freshman year, and I reminded her to enjoy it and be humble because runners, especially girls, experience body changes that may or may not work in their favor as they age. While she went on to become a state champ two years in a row, there were days that she was pretty down, and that’s when this mom had to be a cheerleader and congratulate her for all the good runs.
It’s especially tough to watch a kid go from stardom to anonymity. My youngest son, a standout athlete through eighth grade was plagued by injuries in high school that eventually ended his athletic career in just about every sport.
Throughout the seasons of broken bones and shoulder surgery, there were some dark times and some really bad grades. I dug deep to find motivation for him, and I’m glad I did because losing his athletic ability was like losing a part of himself.
It brought us closer and he found some new strengths he never knew he had. So did I. And I’m still cheering.

Posted: September 25th, 2011

Brian and Minnie Sprague-- homegrown hops and great beer. This is one of many couples who successfully started a brewery.

Darby Patton Scalise of Erie just picked up her $25 gift card, and you can too.
It’s payday for Lake Erie LifeStyle readers! Join us on Facebook at Friends of Lake Erie LifeStyle magazine, and tell us about your favorite local teams, restaurants, small towns, ¬†foods and more. Tell us what you like and why. It could win you a $25 gift card! (If you don’t want to use Facebook, see below for alternatives way to enter).
We’ll be publishing reader comments in our November issue where we turn the page on four years as the region’s lifestyle magazine, and we want to hear from you.
Today, the October issue of Lake Erie LifeStyle, delivered in newspapers, is all about great brews from the Erie region. Find out what your neighbors have been brewing.
If you’re not into Facebook, but want to share your views, send me an email at info@lakeerielifestyle.com. Or, contact us on Twitter at HerTimesErie@twitter.com or PamEckertParker@twitter.com
Today, I’m looking at a beautiful sunny fall day and loving the way the sun casts shadows on the green, green grass of home.


Posted: September 22nd, 2011

After watching the premiere of ABC’s “Modern Family” last night, I have to say I love this show. I’ve always loved the show. It is the first show, I think, that gives a somewhat accurate portrayal of blended families. As a member of a blended family, I can vouch for the funny moments, the tender moments and the irritating moments.
On last night’s double episode of “Modern Family,” I was fascinated with little Lily, the adopted child of two male partners. Last year, Lily never spoke, smiled or even showed emotions. This year, she made up for it, much like a few of the kids in our family. For a laugh, even if you aren’t in a blended family, take a look.
It always makes me smile.

Posted: September 17th, 2011

In my last few columns in House to Home, I talked up the benefits of selling your home and selling it fast. It resonated with a lot of folks in the community. So, In today’s House to Home, you’ll see some great places on Mohawk Drive that brought in the buyers. If your neighborhood is turning over, take a look at the homes for sale.
You can get some creative ideas on what to do, and what not to do, if you are thinking about selling your home. I have always loved the northwest Erie area, and the home that Nedra Lehrian and Loretta Schaal of RE/Max have for sale is a keeper in my book. The sunroom on the back of that house, the bank of glass doors and incredible plantation shutters and the hardwood floors make it one of the most inviting layouts I’ve seen in a long time. I am a sucker for sunrroms, and this one is a great one.
Next week’s column will focus on some terrific homes in North East because it’s wine season, and it’s a grape time to visit the vineyards!

Posted: September 15th, 2011

I love to look through fashions magazines. I’m a big fan of color, and right now it appears that feathers are in. They’ve been big for a long time, but this is the first I’ve noticed my friends and family flocking to the trend.
My daughter bought feather earrings. and I saw a woman with a feather woven into her hair at a hair salon last week. It looked great. I am liking the earrings and the jewelry.
One funny thing I have seen is that salons are buying up the feathers from fly-fishing shops.

The blog makes a point of noting that Steven Tyler, Miley Cyrus and other celebs are big on feathers — rooster feathers and more. Because we take style seriously here at Her Times, I’ll be styling with feathers soon. So catch our October issue. It’s guaranteed to have some great stuff in it. I just hope I don’t look like Big Bird.

Posted: April 9th, 2008

Are you a numbers girl? You can earn your CPA from Clarion University without ever having to go to campus for classes. Check this out:

Students can prepare for CPA exam online with Clarion University program
Anyone interested in becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Pennsylvania can now become eligible to sit for the CPA exam in one year by taking online courses through Clarion University. Classes begin May 12.
This 24-credit program enables students to prepare for the CPA exam at their convenience, without ever having to travel to the Clarion campus. It is designed especially for people who cannot travel to campus due to distance, job commitments or family responsibilities.

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Posted: February 6th, 2008

An AOL Finance article “Worst Things to Say at Work” caught my eye this morning.
It’s dead on career advice — particularly the “It’s not my job” phrase (a colleague and I have a special name for those kind of co-workers — he or she is a “notmyjobber”).
“It’s not my fault” is another huge workplace phrase pet-peeve of mine. I don’t care who’s fault it is…fix the problem…now…then we’ll talk about how it happened. Offer solutions not excuses. Or, as my mentor says, “strive at all times to be a part of the solution.”

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