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Posted: October 24th, 2013

When I see all the cute Halloween costumes, I remember some of the cute stuff my kids wore. And here they are:

Kelly and Ry

Kelly and Ryan — the pumpkins invade!

Howie the lion

Howie roars as a tot. That young woman next to him is making me feel awfully old. This picture is about 25 years old.

Howie and Kelly

I made that Christmas tree costume that Howie is wearing. We all wore it at least once. Kelly was a dinosaur. We turned her sideways so we could see the dino part.


Kelly Potter

In a year of Harry Potter, Kelly made her own costume.Great job, Kell! That old house we lived in had some Hogwarts’ characteristics. I magically raised three kids there.

As the kids got older, they were very clever. Kelly has been a slice of pizza, Mario Brothers’ characters, Woody from “Toy Story” and much more. The boys were football players. And they went through a lot of scream masks. For years. Too many years because I have a box of scream masks.

In recent years, when both my boys lived with us, they were cowboys. I’m not going to embarrass them with that photo, but I do have it. And my oldest went to a party with a last minute costume of a party in his pants. Balloons and other party paraphernalia wrapped around his waist.

Oh the days of partying kids.

Back in the old days on Oakmont Avenue, trick or treating was a trick that I remember. My oldest was 7, and he was recovering after a bout of chicken pox. He became totally “sausted” after we had only hit a few houses. My daughter and youngest son were raring to go, so I carried my oldest one home and took the other two back out. The next day, it was two more kids with chicken pox. That’s a disease that now has a vaccine.

Good thing because it was nasty. My daughter never got very many chicken pox, and she seemed unscathed by the whole thing. My youngest was covered in them, however. Nothing slowed him down, but he was covered. And he itched. My oldest was sick as a dog — fever and miserable. It’s funny how three kids with the same genetic makeup can suffer so differently. At the time, I remember calling it Pam held hostage — I think we hit 21 days before we could send everyone back to school and the babysitter.

This year, no Eckerts are home to celebrate Halloween, but little Mia Parker will visit. She is a pirate, and shiver me timbers, I am looking forward to that.

Pam Parker is the editor of Lake Erie LifeStyleHer Times and House to Home at the Erie Times-News in Erie, Pa. She is mom to three, stepmom to three and GramPam to one.

Posted: October 17th, 2013
Kelli Postema and Julie Fedders.

Kelli Postema and Julie Fedders were among the 60 women who dressed as witches for an annual Welcome Club Event — a Witch Party.

Oct. 11 marked a wicked-good day in the Erie area when more than 60 women dressed as witches for an annual costume event of The Welcome Club of Erie.

Kelli Postema, new to the Erie area, swept the women into her home for the party after Kate Zahorchak hosted the event for eight magical years.
This isn’t just a party. It’s an event where women search the country for cloaks, cauldrons and costumes. “Some of the women look all year for the perfect outfit,” Kelli said.
Fine costumes included Dorothy and her ruby slippers, Glenda the Good Witch, a biker witch and others.

The gathering brewed up tasty treats that included deviled eyeballs, witch hat cookies, broomstick pretzel sticks and “devilish green punch that may turn a good witch into a bad witch,” Kelli said. witches2From left: Linda Whalen, Deb Mack,Caroline Jenks and Sharon Stoik.

From left: Deb Mack, Caroline Jenks and Kelli Postema. Middle: Kate Zahorchak. Right: Linda Whalen, Deb Mack, Sharon Stoik and Caroline Jenks.

Fashion show coming!
The group doesn’t just get together to look stylish in witch garb. On Tuesday, Nov. 19, the club will host a fashion show.
Where: Lake Shore Country Club, 5950 Lake Shore Drive
When: Brunch will begin at 11:15 and fashion show to follow with Fashions from Coldwater Creek.
Cost: $20 includes brunch, fashion show, with a cash bar available
Hostesses: Minnie Lawrie, Toni Bliley and Marianne Levstek
Info: Minnie at 814-528-6763

Seating is limited to 200. E- mail Kathy Goodiel (k8goodie@yahoo.com) or call Ann Miller (814-833-4176) to reserve a ticket by Nov. 12 at 6 p.m.

Pam Parker is the editor of Lake Erie LifeStyleHer Times and House to Home at the Erie Times-News in Erie, Pa. She is mom to three, stepmom to three and GramPam to one.

Posted: October 15th, 2013

poopourriNo, it’s not a joke.

Poo-Pourri founder Suzy Batiz, of Dallas, set up a business in 2007 that takes the stink out of the bathroom — before it happens. Watch the funny video at left if you don’t know what I am talking about.

Poo~Pourri Toilet Deodorizers are the spray-before-you-go scents that prevent the odor of number 2 making a stink in the loo. The website indicates that the spray forms a barrier on the toilet water surface and keeps bathroom odors from ever forming. The sprays retail for $10 to $14.

Batiz had a few failed careers and then landed this one sparked by her husband and sons — need we say more?

The video, starring a BYU student, went viral, and Poo-Pourri has sold more than 4 million bottles. This is a company with a sense of humor. The commercial and the names of the scents are all fresh. And the company has products for diapers, pooches and cats. Click on the names below for some entertaining descriptions:


It’s environmentally friendly.  Watch the real commercial on the link above. Watch how the company got started on the middle link, and then see a blooper reel here.

I see Christmas gifts in the offing for the men in the family.

To buy it, try these local stores listed on the Poo-Pourri website:

A La Carte

2624 W 8th St.
(814) 838-6749
Traditions Unlimited
1609 W. 8th St.
(814) 456-5516
Serendipity Emporium
126 High Street,Waterford
(814) 796-0094


Pam Parker is the editor of Lake Erie LifeStyleHer Times and House to Home at the Erie Times-News in Erie, Pa. She is mom to three, stepmom to three and GramPam to one.

Posted: October 10th, 2013

Steve and GretchenWhile twerking Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke costumes are among the top sellers, according to Halloween Spirit, I think clever beats twerking every time.

These costumed partiers at left are friends of mine, and I hope they won an award for their costumes last year. Steve and Gretchen Bahm are dead ringers for Uncle Fester and Wednesday from The Addams Family. That’s Christina Ricci and Christopher Lloyd from the movie below. 

Christopher Lloyd and Christina Ricci

Here’s what Steve and Gretchen really look like: Gretchen and Steve
Other popular costumes for 2013 include Duck Dynasty, Hunger Games and Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy. Costumes from Batman, Day of the Dead and Walking Dead are ranking right at the top as well. Oh and the party finger.

Sheesh. I think Uncle Festus and Wednesday are far more entertaining.

I hear my friends at the Welcome Club of Erie are having a party where everyone will be dressed as a witch. Last year they had dozens of witches in one room. You know you’ll be seeing those pictures here as soon as I can get them. Dressing up isn’t just for kids.

Pam Parker is the editor of Lake Erie LifeStyleHer Times and House to Home at the Erie Times-News in Erie, Pa. She is the mom of three, stepmom to three and GramPam to one.

Posted: October 5th, 2011

“Well of course you can!” I say enthusiastically.
We’ve all encountered the “bring a friend along,” and it’s a great idea … on paper.
Three things I’ve learned:
1. When your darlings start bringing along friends, enjoy it. Make it fun. You will be the odd man out and often more of a driver than a participant, but at least for the ride in the car, you’ll get a chance to KNOW the friends. Take it from me — mom of three and stepmom of three — no one, and I mean no one, will influence your child more than friends.
2. Be prepared if the kids want to ditch you. As kids become ‘tweens, you become invisible, especially at the mall. But relish letting go a little. Watching your child grow up and interact without you is endearing. You’re going to see a little of yourself in that tween. Smile and remember it’s a step toward independence. Give them the space they need, but make sure you have had all the safety discussions in advance.
3.You’re going to find that you don’t like some of the friends, but don’t be judgmental, at least not out loud. My mother was a terrible judge of character. She disliked some of my teen friends that are, to this day, my best buds.
But that doesn’t mean every kid will be a lifelong bud. The bottom line here is that kids change. The overly loud, boisterous and obnoxious friend that your child loves and you dislike might be the lifesaver your youngster needs someday. Trust me on this. A friend can be annoying one year and thoughtful the next. It’s all part of the growing process … for us and our offspring.

Posted: September 22nd, 2011

After watching the premiere of ABC’s “Modern Family” last night, I have to say I love this show. I’ve always loved the show. It is the first show, I think, that gives a somewhat accurate portrayal of blended families. As a member of a blended family, I can vouch for the funny moments, the tender moments and the irritating moments.
On last night’s double episode of “Modern Family,” I was fascinated with little Lily, the adopted child of two male partners. Last year, Lily never spoke, smiled or even showed emotions. This year, she made up for it, much like a few of the kids in our family. For a laugh, even if you aren’t in a blended family, take a look.
It always makes me smile.

Posted: September 20th, 2011

It’s quiet around here these days. After six kids have boisterously passed through these rooms early mornings readying for school, there is only one who makes a bit of noise. But he was often the noisiest.
My youngest son, Ryan, a Gannon University sophomore, often needed to be heard above the din of everyone else. Four years younger than his sister, he would just repeat, “Mom” as many times as he felt necessary to get my attention. It usually worked. No matter how busy I was with the lunches, the papers that had to be signed, the forgotten homework and the sports paraphernalia that never seemed to be where it was supposed to be, Ryan’s exuberance to get in the mix frustrated his siblings. But it made me laugh. He still makes me laugh.
Oddly, I don’t hear Mom so much anymore. It has been softened to Momma, something Howie, Kelly and Ryan adapted somewhere along the line. It has a sweetness that comes across in cards and is especially touching when accompanied by, “I love you Momma.”

Posted: July 29th, 2011

Consider today’s Friday Funny a public service message for men.

Here are five phrases you never want to hear from a woman:

(1) FINE: This is the word women use to end an argument when she knows she is right and you need to shut up.

(2) NOTHING: means something & you need to be worried.

(3) GO AHEAD: this is a dare, not permission. Do not do it.

(4) WHATEVER: A woman’s way of saying screw you.

(5) THAT’S OK: She is thinking long & hard on how and when you will pay for your mistake.

I’ll miss ya’ll. Keep up with me over Runners Notes.


Posted: July 22nd, 2011

This is really more of an “awwww” than a funny, but it’s worth killing a few minutes on a Friday:

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Posted: July 8th, 2011

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