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Posted: February 13th, 2013

Ryan Green BayBananas

It’s always fun to discover what your kids remember about toddlerdom once they hit adulthood.

When my youngest child, Ryan Eckert, turned 21 yesterday, we talked about all the crazy things he did as a tot. He’d had hernia surgery when he was barely a preschooler, and he remembered how we tried everything to keep him inactive and entertained. He mentioned the “Bananas” show. I had completely forgotten that one. It was “Bananas in Pajamas” — they kind of looked life-sized bananas in prison gear,  but it was in syndication for years when he was a tot. If you click right here, it takes you to an interactive website. The show had Australian roots.

These big bananas had clever names B1 and B2. With Australian accents, they often had some adventures with teddy bears. I don’t remember the a-peel with a lot of jokes about peels or anything, but it did hold his attention. It was really simple — a lot like Gumby, one of my favorites. It was always on at a naptime.

Gumby had a long reign on Nickelodeon — it was primitive clay figure animation. The funny Blockheads — the goofs who always got in trouble — were the bad guys that Gumby coped with along with his horse Pokey, and dog, Nopey.

Ryan also recalled watching Ch-Ch-Ch Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers – the pair of chipmunks he met at Disneyworld. He was even a fan of Barney before his older brother and sister poisoned him on that poor purple dinosaur.

Well, there he is (above) at age 3 or 4 — he wore a Green Bay Packers jersey every year for picture day — and refused to open his mouth for a smile.

Here he is with me sharing an adult beverage — a legal one.  Wow, what I wouldn’t give for a few more moments of time with a baby who watched Bananas in PajamasGumby and danced down the stairs singing and dancing to Barney’s “Special, Special — everyone is special.”  Sigh.

Ryan turns 21
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Posted: January 23rd, 2012

Serena Williams, the last of 21 US women and men in the first major tennis tournament of the year, was dismantled by Russian Ekaterina Makarova, 6-2, 6-3 last  night and I watched every minute.

It was painful to watch Williams, who has come back from innumerable injuries, including a blood clot, foot surgeries and countless sprains, in the past to win when you least expect her to pull it off. But last night, the 30-year-old was no match for 23-year-old Makarova, a lefty whose accuracy was impressive.

At the start of the second set, it appeared that Williams’ fire was back, but only for two games. Then Makarova continued painting the lines with shots and hitting well-placed, albeit slow serves, that seemed to confuse the veteran Williams. Makarova moved Williams back and forth behind the baseline in some long rallies. And Williams was her own worst enemy on her serve. She double-faulted an entire game away. But she peppered the court with some inspiring aces — but not enough to pull off the win.

I like to see the older players do well, but a fresh-faced Makarova is good for the sport. And she was fun to watch. We still have a few veterans in there. Kim Clijsters, the only mom on the tour at age 28, fought her way back into a match to win it. And Roger Federer, at age 30, is a huge on the men’s side.

The games continue in Melbourne this week.



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