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Posted: April 8th, 2014

Stack of One Dollar BillsToday is Equal Pay Day — it’s the day that women catch up with men on earnings from 2013. In other words, a 23 percent gender wage gap is why we are so far behind, according to the American Association of University Women (AAUW).

The AAUW has been around since 1881. Fair pay champion Lilly Ledbetter, age 75, sued Goodyear in 1979, according to Wikipedia, for paying her thousands less than her male counterparts. The lawsuit landed in the Supreme Court — which denied her claim because she didn’t file suit in 180 days from her first paycheck. She retired in 1998, and Congress passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in 2009, but Ledbetter noted that the inequality of pay impacted more than her annual salary. It affected her retirement, 401(k) and Social security.

From Huffington Post: Some states are better off than others when it comes to the wage gap. Washington, D.C., is the best place for pay equity — women are paid 90 percent of what men are paid (as of 2012). Wyoming is the worst state — women earn 64 percent of what men earn.  Here’s a link to an informative story on Forbes.

The local AAUW group will host an event April 9 at Erie Insurance Group Auditorium,  E. Sixth and French St. at 7 p.m. The program will discuss the gender pay gap and Lilly Ledbetter’s fight for fair pay.

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Pam Parker is the editor of Lake Erie LifeStyle, Her Times and House to Home at the Erie Times-News in Erie, Pa. She is the mom of three, stepmom to three and GramPam to one. She has written about real estate, home design and home interiors for more than 20 years.

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Posted: January 8th, 2013

Dianne Feinstein

It was a news moment that I want to share with everyone. Women gave me faith in government after weeks of fiscal cliff news.

Republicans and Democrats — 20 women senators admitted their frustration with how Congress works. See the video here of Diane Sawyer’s interviews with the inspiring women in government.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, pictured at left, says women can be independent lawmakers and still work together.”I think we’re problem solvers, and I think that’s what this country needs,” she said to Sawyer.

It’s an interesting few minutes of video that will give all of us hope. Here are more links to all the great news about these women.

Pam Parker is the editor of Lake Erie LifeStyleHer Times and House to Home at the Erie Times-News in Erie, Pa. She is the mom of three, stepmom to three and step-grandmom to one.

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