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Posted: March 21st, 2014

Polka dot heels

Shoes, dresses, skirts, tops — you name it, dots are on it. I’ve probably had polka-dot something every year since I’ve been a kid. The dots are on point this spring too. Many shoes — colorful shoes have dots. And the dresses are everywhere. The retro-style heels at left are from Rakuten – about $48. I found some yellow dotted dahlings but lost the link.

polka dot dress

Dresses with dots are all over InStyle magazine and local stores. Here’s link to dots on everything from shoes to coats in InStyle

Here’s one — at left –from Dress Barn– about $46 but you can get coupons that drop the price. Those dots are a little large for me, but Eva Mendes has a new collection at Kohls, and it boasts a lot of dots. See it here.

Pam Parker is the editor of Lake Erie LifeStyleHer Times and House to Home at the Erie Times-News in Erie, Pa. She is mom to three, stepmom to three and GramPam to one.

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Posted: January 31st, 2014

PamkimTwo weeks from today is that all-important day of romance, so get something Valentine’s Day red — dress, shirt, shoes, jacket, pants, purse, jewelry or underthings. I have all of the above. In fact the jacket I am wearing in this photo is from a $5 bag sale at Sassy Peacock last week. I got three jackets, a pair of shoes, three purses, a dress and two pairs of pants for $5. Found a quarter in one jacket, and my husband said, “Wow — it was really a $4.75 bag sale for you!”

I love red — here are some links to some of the latest folks who send me stuff.

Bon-Ton – one day sale — preview today and sale tomorrow. Here’s a link to their Valentines Day gift guide for men and women — fun stuff!

Rue la la – dresses — lot of dresses — red and other colors.

Need a wine cooler? Here’s a great gift from Packit.comchill

And don’t leave the kids out. Zulily is loaded with fun red stuff for boys and girls. At Zulily — here’s a link to Sofia the First — all little girls love this one, especially little Miss Mia Parker the first zon-redheart2 And here’s a link to build a bear fun.

I’ll keep the Valentine’s Day ideas coming. Happy Friday!

Pam Parker is the editor of Lake Erie LifeStyleHer Times and House to Home at the Erie Times-News in Erie, Pa. She is mom to three, stepmom to three and GramPam to one.

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Posted: January 17th, 2014

OrchidRadiant orchid is pretty much everywhere as the color of the year. How do you wear it? How don’t you wear it would be a better question. Purses, dresses, tops, bottoms, visors, hats, shoes, boots, jewelry, nails, lips — even lightbulbs and more. And if the Australian Open is any indicator, the color will hit workout clothes in a big way. Serena Williams, Samantha Stosur, Li Na, and Maria Sharapova are just a few of the women sporting radiant orchid — right down to the shoes in some cases.

Stosur pink

Samantha Stosur and many other women tennis players are wearing orchid on the courts of the Australian Open as radiant orchid — the Pantone color of the year — makes it mark on fashion.

But don’t count out blue. Women not wearing orchid are wearing lots of blue. And so are the men.

Radiant orchid is everywhere. And it will add a pop of color to any outfit. I think I need new shoes and a new purse. shoes
Pam Parker is the editor of Lake Erie LifeStyleHer Times and House to Home at the Erie Times-News in Erie, Pa. She is mom to three, stepmom to three and GramPam to one.


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Posted: February 15th, 2013

Mod cloth author dress1Dresses, dresses, dresses. I am loving the dresses. This one from ModCloth.com speaks to me because it is called Author Outings Dress. It has a vintage feel — here’s the ModCloth.com description: “goldenrod-yellow fit-and-flare frock! Its retro hue, lightly textured stretch fabric, and see-through, crocheted details make this dress as intriguing as your latest work. You know it’s not fair to judge a book by its cover … ”

I had a dress that color many moons ago, and I also had that collar on another dress. It’s all back!

It is $79 and it is one of a million dresses I love. I am also coveting many frocks from Ruelala.  The site has numerous BCBGMAXAZRIA designs. Click here to see a few. I have friends who told me about these sites. Thanks friends.

Just a heads up — you do have to join to see all the stuff, but it costs nothing — just your e-mail address. So far they have not been stalking me like Zappos does (I get reminders that they miss me on nearly every web page I open — it’s a little creepy!), but I am a huge Zappos fan.

If you’re going to shop online, here’s the full glossary of terms I never knew, thanks to Recessionista.com. Get the full story here:

  • B&M = Brick-and-mortar (aka, this deal is redeemable at the store’s physical location).
  • BOGO or B1G1F = Buy One Get One Free
  • C/O = Cash Off
  • CPN = Coupon
  • DND = Do Not Double (aka, no doubling up on coupons allowed!)
  • GDA = Good deal alert
  • GWP = Gift With Purchase
  • H/F = Handling Fee
  • LPG = Lower Price Guarantee
  • MIB orNIB = Mint in Box or New in Box (aka, the product is brand new).
  • NAZ = Name Address Zip Code (to see if you are eligible for the deal).
  • NED = No expiration date
  • NOCC = No Credit Card
  • NWOT = New WithOut Tags
  • NWT = New With Tags
  • POP = Proof of Purchase
  • PP = Purchase Price
  • SMP = Specially Marked Packages
  • TMF = Try Me Free (samples, anyone??)
  • UNL = Unlimited
  • YMMV = Your Merchandise May Vary

Pam Parker is the editor of Lake Erie LifeStyle, Her Times and House to Home at the Erie Times-News in Erie, Pa. She is the mom of three, stepmom to three and step-grandmom to one.

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Posted: October 19th, 2012

Shark Tank, on ABC-TV, gets my interest every week — in between high school football games! And when fashionistas get the sharks to bite, you gotta love it.

A mom, Aly Lessor, launched Cozy Bug a children’s clothing line inspired by her adorable daughter and some Southern idealism. She developed pillowcase dresses that grow with kids, and they are cute as can be. The dresses are tied over the shoulders with colorful ribbons. As the kids grow, the dresses become tops that they wear over shorts or leggings. Of course they have matching hair bows. In a funny moment, Kevin O’Leary forbid Lessor from selling the dresses without a hair bow.

Lessor said each dress costs about $6 to produce, and she sells them for $19.99 and up. She sold more than $300,000 worth of dresses online, and started a dancewear line called “Dance Bug.”

The sharks fought over this one, but Aly took a $50,000 deal and  30 percent stake in the company from Daymond John, founder of FUBU.

Pam Parker is the editor of Lake Erie LifeStyleHer Times and House to Home at the Erie Times-News in Erie, Pa.

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Posted: April 16th, 2012

Time to get charged up for spring. If you are looking for some bright fashions, here are a few:

Dresses that illuminate like the dresses worn by the bride, bridesmaids and little Lily on “Modern Family.”

CuteCircuit, a fashion tech company, launched a collection of dresses and tops embedded with LED lights. The clothes recharge via USB, and some items have controllers that allow wearers to pick the color and pattern of their lights.

Designer-artist team Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz, have dressed Katy Perry in bright lights. LED lights are also charging up shoes, and they’re not just for kids anymore.

If you want to make a splash at your next party, try LED LiteRays, created by photographer Carl VanderSchuit, who also invented popular LiteCubes, lighted faux ice cubes used to illuminate drinks from the inside out. They start at $7.99 and are available at: http://litecubes.com


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Posted: April 6th, 2012

I loved paper dolls as a kid. I still remember them. We can play again, and wear them too!

Here’s a fun Fashion Friday collection by Lotty Dotty. It’s interactive T-shirts and more that starts with a screenprinted doll in a bathing suit that can be dressed with dozens of Velcro-backed designer mini outfits. These outfits are so cute — I mean soooooo cute!. Watch the video here.

Lotty Dotty has a size for all of us. Girls, ages 4-10 and  the rest of us, 12 and over.  These eco-friendly, organic cotton and bamboo Ts are made with recycled materials. Children’s Ts are $45 and adult Ts are $60. Additional accessories include leather totes ($120), denim totes ($45), denim clutches ($45), leather clutches ($95), children’s backpacks ($45) and canvas totes ($45).

Outfits to dress the dolls — multi-racial dolls — include tutus, tulip dresses, ribbon dresses, sequins, lace and more. They run $10 to $30 — lots of specials on the site, so check it out!

Shevanne Helmer and Maya Persaud, two American women living in Paris, started the company in 2009. These women designed and patented the T-shirts. They named the company Lotty Dotty after childhood favorite paper dolls. The company also showcases unknown designers who create the mini-outfits.

Paper dolls and wearable — how fun is that for fashion?

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Posted: March 16th, 2012

The mullet is back big-time, not the hair version — the dress version. It’s everywhere. The one at left is from Glamour. I love it. We first saw it appearing in bridal fashions, but prom time is a perfect time to model a mullet. Think about it — no tugging on the front of your dress to walk up stairs or dance. It is very attractive. InStyle magazine offers some terrific looks at mullet dresses in its April issue. Check them out.

It’s also time for a fashion freebie, and I have one pair of snoozies to give away. Snoozies are a blend of socks and slippers — they even have the non-slip grippie things on the bottom. They offer cool colorful fleece exteriors with with soft Sherpa fleece inside. They are a hit with Kathie Lee and Hoda and a gazillion mom bloggers like me. And they are machine washable. Send me an email at pam.parker@timesnews.com to enter a drawing for these cuties.

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